Feminist Hoax “Lawyer” and Clinton Supporter Gloria Allred and Summer Zervos

Earlier today, a former Apprentice contestant, Summer Zervos, accused Donald Trump of sexually molesting her during season 5 of the Apprentice in 2007 (see video here).  But tonight, the Trump campaign published a letter from her cousin who tells a different story, plus, they offer an email from Summer sent just a few months ago.


“I am completely shocked and bewildered by my cousin, Summer Zervos, and her press conference today. Ever since she was on The Apprentice she has had nothing but glowing things to say about Mr. Trump. For almost a decade, my cousin would talk about how much she looked up to Mr. Trump and viewed him as an inspiration – a success story she wanted to copy. Summer would also talk about how kind and caring Mr. Trump was on the show, and how he would even visit children in hospitals without telling the press. She has praised the good things he’s done for her life, and in fact she converted her friends and our family to become Trump supporters even though we’ve never been active in politics before.

“That was until Summer invited Mr. Trump to her restaurant during the primary and he said no. I think Summer wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump. That’s not how she talked about him before. I can only imagine that Summer’s actions today are nothing more than an attempt to regain the spotlight at Mr. Trump’s expense, and I don’t think it reflects well.” – John Barry, Mission Viejo, CA (first cousin of Summer Zervos)



“I vaguely remember Ms. Zervos as one of the many contestants on The Apprentice over the years. To be clear, I never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. That is not who I am as a person, and it is not how I’ve conducted my life. In fact, Ms. Zervos continued to contact me for help, emailing my office on April 14th of this year asking that I visit her restaurant in California.

——- Below is an email sent from Summer Zervos to a Trump staffer a few months ago. It appears as if she was trying to solicit her services, or at a minimum leverage Trump’s fame to further her business opportunities. ———


Source: Dennis Michael Lynch



NY Times Trump Accuser Jessica Leeds CONFIRMED a Liar

Liberal Democrat and The New York Times Trump assault accuser Jessica Leeds caused over $1 million in alleged damages in her career as a broker and has a personal problem with “alpha males”, can reveal.

In addition, her story about Trump “sexually assaulting” her is clearly fabricated.


A quick BrokerCheck with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) reveals that Leeds was responsible for $1,083,717.56 in alleged damages as a broker:


Leeds’ 3 customer disputes totaled over $1 million in alleged damages that were settled for $245,000 by Leeds’ company, with $61,500 contributed by Leeds herself.

Jessica Leeds also revealed her personal problem with “alpha males” in New York Times letters to the editor.

“I have thought long and hard about how to communicate to my husband, the true alpha male, that his driving is terrible,” wrote the attention seeking Leeds in one of many letters to the editor. “I have said to him: This is not a race. Driving in the left lane is not a God-given right. Pushing through pedestrians to turn is not gentleman-like behavior.”

Leeds continued in an October 25, 2002 letter to the New York Times. “I am lucky. I have a wonderful man as a husband, but he is a fool when he drives.”

Leeds sounds like someone who screws up a lot and blames the “alpha males” in her life for it. She sounds like she has an axe to grind with successful men.

Is that why she’s making up sexual assault allegations?

Other researchers have pointed out that Leeds story about Trump assaulting her cannot possibly be true, since arm chairs do not go up in first class as she claimed in her account.

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Airplane Witness Comes Forward “Jessica Leeds is a LIAR, she was FLIRTING WITH HIM”

The mainstream media is in full “desperation mode” as they try to protect and cover up for their “Dear Leader” Hillary Clinton, and destroy Donald Trump with lies and slander.

They have a lot of hoaxes going at the moment – almost too many to count.

The one I am referring to here is the “airplane” hoax – where an old hag named Jessica Leeds claims that thirty years ago she was on a plane with Donald Trump and he “lifted up the armrest” in first class and just started “GROPING” her.

Ok, well in the 80’s the armrests did not “lift up,” but anyway……

Leeds is also connected to the Clinton Foundation and one of Hillary’s SuperPACS.

Also, now another passenger who was aboard that plane sitting directly across from Trump and Leeds has come forward and said,”NOPE, SORRY, JESSICA LEEDS IS A LIAR.”

From The NY Post:

Donald Trump’s campaign says a British man is countering claims that the GOP presidential nominee groped a woman on a cross-country flight more than three decades ago.

The man says he was sitting across from the accuser and contacted the Trump campaign because he was incensed by her account — which is at odds with what he witnessed.

“I have only met this accuser once and frankly cannot imagine why she is seeking to make out that Trump made sexual advances on her. Not only did he not do so (and I was present at all times) but it was she that was the one being flirtatious,” Anthony Gilberthorpe said in a note provided to The Post by the Trump campaign.

In an exclusive interview arranged by the campaign, Gilberthorpe said he was on the flight — in either 1980 or 1981— where Jessica Leeds claimed Trump groped her.

Gilberthorpe, 54, said he was sitting across the first class aisle from the couple and saw nothing inappropriate. Leeds was wearing a white pantsuit, he said, while Trump was wearing a suit and cuff-links, which he gave to his British flight companion.

Indeed, Gilberthorpe claimed, Leeds was “trying too hard” in her attempt to win Trump over.

“She wanted to marry him,” Gilberthorpe said of Leeds, who apparently made the confession when Trump excused himself and went to the bathroom.

There was no kissing, but the “shrill” Leeds was “very much in your face” with the real estate developer.

Well, that ends that.

Trump wins. 

He actually has a WITNESS.

Source: TruthFeed 


When a successful businessman has a 4 decade long history of nothing but respect and decent behavior towards women, why is it that – that out-of-character behavior only emerge just before an election when running against a criminal with decades long history of smear, deception and character assassinations?



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