Trump rails against reports Biden won’t be charged over classified documents

Published November 17, 2023

Former President Trump railed against reports President Biden won’t be charged in the special counsel probe into his handling of classified documents, taking to social media Friday morning to complain of what he considers “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Special counsel Robert Hur is expected to put together a critical report of Biden’s conduct but its not likely to result in criminal charges, the Wall Street Journal first reported Thursday.

Trump, who faces criminal charges in Florida in a classified documents case, fumed on Truth Socialagainst what he called “selective prosecution.”

“Wow! Fake news CNN, through a leak from the Department of Injustice, has just reported that no charges will be filed in the (much bigger than mine!!!) Crooked Joe Biden documents case,” Trump said in one post. “We are living in a very corrupt country!”

CNN cited “two sources close to investigation” in its report on Hur’s plans.

Hur was appointed in January to investigate Biden’s case after documents from his time as vice president were found at his former office in Washington, D.C., and his home in Wilmington, Del.



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The Justice Department’s special counsel investigating how President Joe Biden handled Obama-era classified materials is expected to release his final report in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, which is likely to include “harsh criticism” of the president—but is not expected to result in any criminal charges being brought.

Published November 16, 2023

Robert Hur was appointed in January to oversee the investigation into Biden after classified materials from the Obama administration were found in the president’s office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., and at Biden’s Delaware home.

Hur, whom former President Donald Trump previously appointed as a U.S. attorney, is expected to release his report on the investigation in the “next couple of months” and potentially before the end of the year, the Journal reports citing anonymous sources.

The report is expected to be “sharply critical” of Biden and his aides’ handling of the classified documents, but Hur’s investigation “isn’t likely to result in a criminal case,” according to the Journal.

Hur has interviewed more than 100 of Biden’s personal and professional associates as part of his probe, according to the Journal—including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain—and the president himself met with prosecutors in October.



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Published November 16, 2023

President Joe Biden is not expected to be charged for his retention of classified documents stemming from his time as vice president and U.S. senator.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that special counsel Robert Hur and his team are preparing a detailed report that will be critical about the president’s mishandling of classified materials, but no criminal charges will be filed following a nearly year-long investigation.

Since his appointment in January, Hur “has interviewed roughly 100 of Biden’s aides, colleagues and family members, including his son, Hunter, culminating in a two-day interview with the president last month,” the Journal reported.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur after classified documents were found in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home, as well as at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C.

Others who Hur’s team spoke to regarding Biden’s retention of classified documents are Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was an aide to Biden while he was vice president; White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan; and former White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who served as Biden’s chief of staff when he was vice president.





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