Trump To Frackers: I’ll ‘Lift The Restrictions On American Energy’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump promised to lift environmental regulations, open federal lands to energy production and make permitting easier during a speech at a hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, conference Thursday.

Trump contrasted his stance on fracking and coal to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s agenda, which he said would devastate the economy with new taxes and regulations.

“I am going to lift the restrictions on American energy and allow this wealth to pour into our communities — including right here in Pennsylvania,” Trump said at the conference. “The shale energy revolution will unleash massive wealth for American workers and families.”

The fracking industry was extremely concerned with comments Trump made in August, saying that he supports fracking in general, but thinks local governments should be able to ban the process in Colorado. Environmentalists in the state have been pushing local governments to ban fracking, despite a Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

Source: The Daily Caller


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