Trump Was Just Asked If His Campaign Rhetoric Went Too Far…..His Response is GLORIOUS!

Funny how even Donald Trump emerged victorious in one of the most historic upsets in Presidential Election HISTORY the stupid questions from the liberal media don’t stop.

Oliver Darcy reports

President-elect Donald Trump in an interview published Friday expressed no regret for his inflammatory campaign rhetoric.

Asked by The Wall Street Journal if he had gone too far during the heated 2016 cycle, Trump offered a blunt response.

“No. I won,” he said.

Yes ….he DID.




It’s absurd to expect Trump to regret something the media said he said when in fact what he said wasn’t what the media said he said, see!? But the dishonest, leftist, corrupt media is on a mission, – distort facts and hurt America. That is, in short, abuse of media power and got nothing to do with journalism.



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