Trump “You Can’t Read 650k Emails in 8 days, Hillary is GUILTY!”

Trump weighed in on the CORRUPTION FIASCO created and perpetuated by the FBI.

Comey, the DISGRACED FBI director, re-opened the email investigation into Hillary Clinton’s CRIMINAL mishandling of classified emails after finding 650K NEW emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer that were “directly tied” to Hillary’s case.

As Hillary began TANKING in the polls, Comey came out and said, “Oh, whoops, nothing to see here, Hillary’s fine, no charges!”

Now, how the hell do you go through 650K emails in 8 days, when previously it took the FBI over a YEAR to go through 53k?

It doesn’t happen.

We all know that the RIGGED SYSTEM which Hillary used to STEAL the primary is the SAME RIGGED SYSTEM she uses to keep her out of jail.

There are countless GOOD people rotting away in prison for doing a TINY FRACTION of what Hillary did.

How is that fair?

In addition, we just learned that Hillary Clinton had her MAID printing off classified documents for her.

That’s right, he MAID, for the love of god.

Also, the FBI says that at least 5 foreign countries hacked her system.

…and this criminal-harpy is running for president?


Over 80% of Americans believe Hillary is GUILTY.

SAY NO to this vile crap, AMERICA.

From Politico:

Reacting to news that the FBI won’t change its determination in the Hillary Clinton email probe, Republican nominee Donald Trump made it clear he still regards her as guilty and is convinced she will ultimately face justice.

“You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” Trump said Sunday in an appearance at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater. “You can’t do it folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty.”




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