The story about Hillary Clinton reminds me of this spoiled girl story, a disgusting self righteous, mean brat using every legal, illegal method to get ahead. On her way she lies, cheat, steals, manipulate, swindle and corrupts both herself and everybody that happens to cross her path. Alicia Machado seem to already have lost touch with her moral compass, but really, how can anyone entertain the idea of voting for Hillary?

Now this story:

The woman Hillary Clinton is using to attack Trump over alleged comments about her weight has been telling a lie…a really big lie, and she was called out on it during Tuesday night’s episode of Megyn Kelly.

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado has been getting facetime wherever she can to bash Trump over comments he allegedly made back in the 90s when she gained weight. On Tuesday, she appeared on “The Kelly File” to discuss the allegations, and even she couldn’t get her own facts straight.

Machado alleges that Trump called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss housekeeping” back in 1996, after she won the elite beauty pageant, but couldn’t answer whether or not anyone else heard Trump say these things. She also claims that Trump’s insults caused her to have an eating disorder, but Kelly was quick to point out that she had the disorder long before ever alleging abuse from Trump.

In fact, the Venezuelan-born Hillary supporter was at a loss for words after Kelly showed her an interview in which she stated that she suffered from anorexia and bulimia before ever entering the pageant. Machado could barely muster up an answer.

“No, I’m sorry but that was not true,” she said, before trying to blame the pageant for manipulating the information at the time.

“I’m here because I know this person, and he’s not a good person” she told Kelly, speaking about Trump. “The point is, no more abuse for us. No more abuse for the girls.”

Keep in mind, this is also the same woman who was implicated in a murder her boyfriend committed back in 1998 – two years after winning the Miss Universe Pageant. According to MailOnline, Machado was arrested in the case and then threatened the judge in order to get the charges dropped.

In January 1998, the Associated Press revealed that Machado had been accused in court documents in Cadacras of driving her boyfriend from the scene of a shooting.

She was ordered to testify in court, with her lawyer telling a local newspaper that she was in fact filming a soap opera at the time.

The murder, it was alleged, was the culmination of a bitter feud.

Machado’s boyfriend, Juan Rodriguez Reggeti, was accused of shooting his brother-in-law, Francisco Sbert Moukso – at the funeral of the dead man’s wife, Maria Rodriguez, who was the alleged murderer’s sister.

Sbert’s attorney alleged that Reggeti believed the dead man had driven his sister to suicide and took revenge, the Associated Press said.

Nice, huh? Hillary Clinton sure knows how to pick them, doesn’t she…

Source: Politialcult


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