US Journalist Lays Out His Vision of Climate Change Totalitarianism

By Eric Worrall – WUWT

Another green sneer at Democracy; According to US Journalist David Wallace-Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth, future systems of government will replace concern for human rights, peace and prosperity with a focus on CO2 emissions.

Can liberal democracy survive climate change? 

Mar 29th 2019
by N.B.

A book excerpt and interview with David Wallace-Wells, author of “The Uninhabitable Earth”

The Economist: Are the political and economic systems that have facilitated global warming capable of fixing it?

Mr Wallace-Wells: Certainly not without some significant renovation and reformation, I think. But I’m not sure it will take a total revolution, either. I may be too much a child of the 1990s—an “End of History” kid, trained by that experience even as I no longer regard those intuitions about markets and globalisation and neoliberalism as wise. But I do see a way that something like the post-Cold War international order could, conceivably, address the issue, by placing carbon and climate change at the center of its value set, in much the same way that human rights, peace and prosperity were put there—in name at least—in the aftermath of the second world war.

I also see the early returns from the Paris accords as pretty discouraging on that point. It is, after just a few years, a real failure. No major industrial nation is on track to honour its commitments, which if honoured perfectly, would still land us north of 3°C this century. But certainly other approaches are possible, too—ranging from left-wing forms of quasi-eco-socialism to right-wing forms of authoritarian nationalism and self-interest. And many more, too.

I’m not sure just what form our answer to climate change will take, and probably it won’t be just one form. But I do know that our politics and culture will be shaped by the force of warming in very profound ways, whether or not we take aggressive action soon, so that the systems of the 21st century will almost certainly be defined by climate change, in the same way that previous systems were defined, say, by the interests of financial capitalism.

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When future historians look back on the failed climate movement, they will rightly see green fanaticism as yet another of a long line of attempts by selfish elitists to overthrow Democracy and Freedom.



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