Utterly useless – “Green” energy doesn’t work, not even in Antarctica – Imagine if this was an important power supply

Antarctic research station wind turbine collapse

Aerial shot of Mawson research station

Part of the wind turbine in the foreground of this photo has collapsed overnight. (Photo: Chris Wilson/Australian Antarctic Division)

8th November 2017

Part of a wind turbine at Australia’s Mawson research station in Antarctica has collapsed overnight, no one was injured in the incident.

The head of the turbine fell to the ground about 9pm Mawson station time last night.

General Manager of Support and Operations, Dr Rob Wooding, said all expeditioners on station were safely inside the living quarters at the time.

“While Mawson can experience regular blizzards, the conditions over the last few days have been moderate, with wind gusts of up to 40 knots,” Dr Wooding said.

“We have a regular maintenance schedule for all the wind turbines. The cause of the incident is unknown and will be fully investigated.”

The Enercon E30 turbine is 30 metres high and is one of two on station which came into operation in 2003. The second turbine has been deactivated as a precautionary measure, with the station’s diesel power generators being used to provide power.

The German manufacturer of the turbine is being notified.

Ref.: http://www.antarctica.gov.au/news/2017/antarctic-research-station-wind-turbine-collapse


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