VIDEO : Black Man GOES OFF on Obama “That’s it! I am SO DONE WITH HIM!”

Just when you think the Democrats can’t stoop to lower levels when it comes to pandering to blacks, they do.

When Barack Obama told the black community that he’d be “offended” if they did not vote for Hillary, that did not go over


Blacks have been suffering from high crime, staggering unemployment, poverty, drugs, violence, and crime – and it’s gotten worse over the past 8 years, and now Obama is telling them HE will be OFFENDED if they don’t vote for the same?


Donald Trump continues to court the black American vote by pointing out the truth.

Black Americans have been left behind by globalist Democrats, who are more interested in their shiny new voting block consisting of illegals and refugees.

Donald Trump is offering an alternative – an America First Agenda, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before the needs of foreign interests.

Trump’s America First agenda is about returning jobs, safety, and prosperity back home, where it belongs.

This black voter is fed up with the pandering and the audacity of Obama to suggest he will be “MAD” if he doesn’t vote for Hillary.



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