VIDEO : Farage, Monica Crowley, Laura Ingraham RAVE Over Trump’s DOMINANT Debate

Sean Hannity sits down with Nigel Farage, Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham as the group RAVES over Trump’s DOMINANT debate.

Monica Crowley said it best – against all odds “Trump performed a miracle” and “reset the race.”

Source: TruthFeed

America’s Choice: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Nobody is or going to defend Donald Trump’s comments from 11 years ago, and nobody should.

But as we all sat and watched the Sunday morning talking heads, one would think that Donald Trump is the only flawed candidate in this race.

It is unconscionable how the liberal media is driving the narrative on this Trump tape from over a decade ago, while the atrocities and lies committed by Hillary Clinton go unmentioned.

Here we are, 30 days out from the election, and the pundits and media have all declared this race is now over. Who are they to declare this race is over? This is not the media’s country. This is not the media’s choice. It’s not any political party’s choice, not the choice of the Clinton Machine, and it is not the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This race will be over, and this election will be won, when the AMERICAN PEOPLE have made their voices heard on election day.

The media has not even attempted to put this old Trump tape into context. The media has not, nor has it ever, applied the same standards to all of Hillary Clinton’s flaws, which dwarf those of Trump.

Yes, Trump’s WORDS, 11 years ago, are offensive.

But what are we going to do about the BEHAVIORS and the ACTIONS of Hillary and Bill Clinton; in the years before he ran for president, his eight years in the White House, and during the years SHE was a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State?

Was Hillary as outraged over the scores of extramarital affairs Bill Clinton had before and during his time in the White House, and the lies they both told connected to THEIR BEHAVIORS concerning these affairs? Is she only NOW suddenly outraged over Trump’s words on an 11-year-old recording?

How about the blue dress, the oral sex in the Oval Office…the cigars? All of these lewd FACTS and BEHAVIORS perpetrated by Bill Clinton in one way or another “objectified” all of these women, did they not? And NONE of that ever outraged Hillary Clinton?

Why did she refer to Monica Lewinsky as a “narcissistic Looney-toon”?

Was she outraged that her husband exposed himself to a woman named Paula Jones? Was she outraged when they had to pay $850,000 to settle the case with Paula Jones, while Clinton supporters called Jones a piece of trailer trash, and engaged in blaming HER, the victim?

Was HRC outraged when another woman claimed Bill Clinton raped her? Did HRC ever investigate those allegations? Did HRC believe that Juanita Broaddrick had the right to be believed or heard; as she now claims all victims of assault have a right to be believed and heard?

Did HRC ever reach out to Kathleen Willey after Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped, grabbed, fondled, and kissed her against her will?

Which is worse here? Donald Trump’s WORDS or Bill Clinton’s ACTIONS and Hillary’s silence and her long-standing, ACTIVE smears and cover-ups? If HRC is so concerned about women’s rights and the treatment of women, why did she accept tens of millions of dollars from countries that abuse women, kill gays and lesbians, and persecute Christians and Jews? There is no record of HRC ever being critical of any of these practices by these countries she took money from. Should she give the money back?

Does it matter that Hillary Clinton, a self-appointed champion of women’s rights, can be seen and heard laughing and bragging on videotape about defending (and getting a reduced sentence for) a man SHE believed to be GUILTY of raping a 12-year-old girl?

Up until this point in the campaign, HRC has never been asked ANY of these important questions by an abusively biased and corrupt media. Perhaps NOW she will be asked about these things … but I seriously doubt it.

Will anyone in the media (in the next 30 days) ever ask HRC any of these tough questions?

No they won’t … Because there is a double standard in this country, especially in the media. There is only feigned, or selective, moral outrage.

If the Trump tape so “outraged” people, especially Hillary as she claims, then she must likewise be intellectually honest and morally consistent and condemn her own husband and their many friends who all engaged in slander and smears against women who actually WERE abused by the Clintons!

Frankly, I would not be surprised if the Clintons and their supporters are sitting on more tapes showing Trump in an unfavorable light. They may release these at different points in order to obfuscate all of HRC’s national security and email scandals, lies, and policy disasters, and to continue to prevent a thorough examination of their despicable behaviors. This is what the Clintons do. This is what they have always done. This is how HRC operates. And she believes – as those around her do – that this election, and this presidency, is “hers.”

In 2008 I said, “Journalism is dead in America.” How many things about Obama did the media ignore? He was asked only one time during his first election about his close relationships with unrepentant domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

I wonder how the media would react if Donald Trump had such controversial friendships.

Obama sat for 20 years in the church of “G-D America,” and claimed he had no idea who Rev. Jeremiah Wright was. Did people believe that? Did anyone in the media ever press him on that? What if these had been Donald Trump’s decisions?

Obama derided a whole segment of the American public, calling them bitter people who cling to their guns and their religion. To this day, America is a country Obama appears to be compelled to apologize for.

Yes, we have a flawed president today, and we have imperfect and flawed candidates (PLURAL). The only difference between either of the two candidates today is that the MEDIA WILL ONLY TELL YOU ABOUT THE FLAWS OF ONE OF THEM.

I tried to warn America what would happen if they ignored who Obama really was. People chose to ignore his many flaws, and the results have been catastrophic for America.

Consider these FACTS about where we, the American people, are today:

*95 million Americans are out of the labor force. Of that, there has been a 20 percent increase in the number of black Americans who have fallen out of the labor force since Obama became president.

* We have the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s.

* We are experiencing the worst economic recovery since the 1940s.

* We have the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years.

* 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

* There are 12 million more Americans on food stamps today than before Obama took office. Of that, there has been a 58 percent increase in black Americans in food stamps since Obama became president.

* There are 8 million more Americans in poverty than there were before Obama took office.

* Obama is the only president in American history to never reach 3% GDP growth.

* 1 in 5 American families do not have a single-family member in the workforce.

* 1 in 6 American men 18-34 are either in jail or out of work and living in their parents’ basement.

* Millions of people didn’t keep their doctors or their health care plans, nor did they save an average of $2,500 per family per year. Since Obama has been president, the average healthcare cost per family per year has actually increased by $4,100.

* By the time Obama leaves office he will accumulate more debt than all 43 presidents before him combined. Before he entered office, he said 9 trillion in debt was “irresponsible and unpatriotic.” Today, under his watch, that amount has more than tripled.

* U.S. foreign policy has been a disaster for the last seven years.

* U.S. policies under Hillary Clinton and Obama in Iraq and Syria created a vacuum for ISIS to emerge with the finances (oil) to expand their terror network, including into the United States.

* Benghazi: The U.S. state department denied Security 600 times before the attack occurred. No help was sent during the attack, and multiple lies were told to the American people after the attack. (Though HRC did tell the Libyan president, the Egyptian president, and her daughter, Chelsea, the truth.)

What is worse: Donald Trump’s locker-room talk a decade ago? Or the fact that four Americans were abandoned and left to die?

* In Egypt, Obama and HRC supported Mohamad Morsi, a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood who referred to “Jews” as “descendants of apes and pigs.”

* A Russian reset? How’s that working out?

* North Korea?

* China?

* HRC and Obama are both incapable of saying Radical Islam?.

* How about “open borders”?

* Oh, and, by the way, this weekend it was discovered that Obama has also used the “p” word.

* Obama called his own grandmother a “typical white woman.”

* At let’s never forget Obama’s trademark phrase: “White folks greed runs a world in need.”

Let’s concede (unless you’re a member of the biased liberal media or a “Never Trumper”) that there are plenty of stones to throw at both HRC and DT. Let’s concede both are flawed.

Clearly, this moment in the election cycle illuminates the fact that all have “sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

Let’s concede that we are now faced with a significant and profound choice about the direction of the country.

Here are the FACTS about each candidate — FACTS you will not see or hear compared in the mainstream media.

But the following FACTS comprise the stark differences between these two flawed candidates. And the differences between the two on what really matters to the American people is stunning. This is what we are facing. This is what we must now decide between:

1. One candidate who will say “radical Islam,” and one who will not.

2. One candidate who will “vet” and limit the number of refugees coming in, and one who will not vet and will INCREASE the number of refugees allowed in by 550%.

3. One candidate who wants a border wall and one who does not.

4. One candidate who will repeal Obamacare, and one who will not.

5. One candidate who plans to cut taxes and regulations, and one who will increase taxes and regulations.

6. One candidate who believes in energy independence, and one candidate who has pledged to put coal companies out of business.

7. One candidate who has pledged to put “originalists” on the Supreme Court, and one who will put “activist justices” on the Supreme Court.

8. One candidate who believes strongly in the Second Amendment, and one who believes in limiting gun rights.

9. One candidate who wants to send education back to the states, and one who believes in top down, NEA supported Common Core.

10. One candidate who will dramatically alter and improve the present state of decline the country is in, and one who will continue with the policies that are leading to America’s ultimate decline.

In just 30 days, you, the American people, have a huge choice to make. The choice is clear, based on just the 10 simple facts/comparisons I have listed above.

I concede that neither candidate is perfect, and that both are flawed, as I have conceded that I am imperfect and flawed.

But the question in this election is not who is “worse,” or whose flaws are bigger or smaller. The question is, who has the BEST vision going forward for the future of America.

If you’re looking for a pastor-in-chief for a president (as it seems the media expects Trump to be), then you will have to sit this one out. And that is not an option.

This election does not belong to the media! It belongs to ALL of us. It belongs to the 300-plus million American people. It belongs to the voters of this country. Every last one of us.

As I have said, do not be led around and told what to think by the liberal media elite, the narrative being formed against Trump by the talking heads on cable TV, the GOP establishment, or the Clinton machine. Look at the facts. Look at the differences between the overall policies of these two candidates. Look at the two completely polar opposite directions each of these candidates wants to lead our country in. Make a decision based on which candidate is better, in your own judgment, and do it for the future of the country.

Source: Sean Hannity





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