VIDEO : “Germany’s Hillary” Merkel Forced To Admit Flooding Germany With Islamic Refugees Was a Stupid Mistake

Time for America to learn from Germany’s mistake. They brought in their own version of Hillary Clinton who opened borders to Islamic refugees and the result has been a complete and utter failure, with non-stop crime, mass-rape, and no assimilation.

Merkel’s party has now lost 2 humiliating elections in a row by landslide – one in her hometown, the other in Berlin. She has no choice but to admit her “Hillary Clinton-like” immigration policies have been a total failure.

The Telegraph Reports

Angela Merkel on Monday signalled for the first time that she was prepared to change her controversial refugee policy in the wake of heavy losses to the resurgent far-Right in regional elections.

“If I knew what change in refugee policy the people in Germany want, I would be prepared to consider it,” Mrs Merkel said.

“If I could, I would go back in time to be better prepared for the refugee crisis in 2015, for which we were rather unprepared.”

Mrs Merkel was speaking at a specially arranged press conference to address her Christian Democrat (CDU) party’s disastrous performance in Berlin state elections at the weekend.




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