Video: Hiding The Heat Of The Past : The Massive Heatwave Of June 7, 1933

Image: Claim: If no action is taken, extreme heat waves will become the norm by the end of the century (2014)

On this date in 1933 there was a massive heatwave in the eastern half of the US and Europe. I discuss this heatwave, and how the heat of the past is being rewrittenand hidden by climate scamsters. Video: Tony Heller



Tony Heller: “If legitimate scientists were allowed to to have a voice the scam would be over in a very short time.”

The Massive Tornado Outbreak Of June 6, 1917

On this date in 1917 there was a tornado outbreak from Kansas to Michigan. The weather pattern was very similar to what the US has experienced this year. I explain the cause of the outbreak, and the misinformation being parroted by the press about this year’s tornadoes. Video: Tony Heller


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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