VIDEO Hillary Holds 4 Min “Presser” Demanding FBI Release Emails When She KNOWS They Can’t

Hillary should get an Acadamy Award for “Best Actress Performance at the Shortest Press Conference in History.”

I will give her credit; that old hag can ACT.

Hillary “demanded” the FBI release ALL OF THEIR INFORMATION NOW when she knows full well they can’t do that.

It’s an active investigation, they can’t just pull a “Wikileaks” and DUMP the info.

What Hillary did is an old PR trick that guilty people use to appear innocent.

You DEMAND the “evidence” be released because it will “set you free,” when you know that the cops can’t do it, and if they did, you’d go to prison for the rest of your life.

She did the same exact thing when her email story first broke.

She was “EXCITED” to get ALL HER EMAILS to the FBI!!

Meanwhile, she was BLEACHING the EFFING HELL out of her hard drive.

See how this works?

Hillary also took two staged questions that allowed her to further frame her “injustice” narrative.



100% Data Tampering