VIDEO : Katrina DESTROYS Tapper “Only Reason David Duke Even Has a Platform Is Because CNN Keeps Talking About It”

Dishonest #CHNN are at it again (boycott!)

Trump’s surge and Hillary’s total collapse that has followed her career-ending”basket of deplorables” remark followed by her fainting has the Clinton News Network shills in overdrive for “damage control”

When all else fails, these liberal pundit clowns go back to their fallback option and try some pathetic race-baiting tactics.

Watch Jake Tapper try to make an issue out of David Duke when the reality is David Duke has NOTHING to do with the race or Trump movement and is just a pathetic “Straw man” CNN utilizes when Hillary is falling in the polls.

Katrina Pierson expertly puts Jake Tapper in his place despite his condescending tone and silly argument, pointing out that the ONLY REASON David Duke even has a platform is because of the Clinton News Network. Watch the video ..

Also, want to know how Trump feels about David Duke? Well here you go…he’s said it many many times already.




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