VIDEO : Police Raid Democrat ‘Voter Registration Operation – What They Found, WOW

Every election the dishonest, criminal Democrats are at it, rigging the election against each others and later against the Republicans.

The early voting has barely even begun yet and already there are allegations of voter fraud. It just goes to show you, Hillary Clinton will do anything in her power to “win” this election.

Police in Indiana raided the Democratic Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVP), and they found evidence that fraud had been occurring at the location. It appears these Indiana Democrats were getting very creative in their fraud efforts, with lots of evidence for forgery and outright false information.

The problem actually started a couple of weeks ago, but the investigation by the state police was recently expanded from two counties to nine counties. It would definitely appear that once again the common sense voter registration approach of the Republicans is ruling the day yet again.

“An investigation of this nature is complex, time consuming, and is expected to continue for several more weeks or months,” a representative from the Indiana State Police said.

“Victims of the activities by some agents of the Indiana Voter Registration Project may not discover they have been disenfranchised from voting until they go to vote and realize their voting information has been altered,” the official said. “Such action may result in the citizen having to cast a provisional ballot.”

The Indiana State Police are taking a closer look at the voter registration drives of this organization in Marion and Hendricks counties as well as in Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties.

Police got a search warrant and seized the files, computers, and cell phones of staffers from the Patriot Majority Group in August. Although the name seems conservative, it is actually a liberal group. A cursory look at their website reveals an immense loathing for the Koch brothers.

Like any other liberal group, they are adept at playing the victim card. “It’s an abuse of state resources, and it is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” Patriot Majority President Chris Varoga said. “It is outrageous what the police are doing.”

Varoga is also attempting to make this into a civil rights issue and has complained to the Civil Rights Division. Of course, the only way this would be a “civil rights” issue would be in the immense amount of voter disenfranchisement this organization could potentially support, but I digress.

Currently the State of Indiana has Donald Trump with a clear advantage, with a Real Clear politics average of 8 percent. The voter fraud allegations speak to a huge concern because they illustrate the lengths the Democrats will go in their attempts to give this woman more power.

The official in charge of investigating these matters did have one suggestion. He said any Indiana resident concerned over fraud can go to in order to make sure all of their information is correct.

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