VIDEO : Trump Supporter Jon Voight – Hollywood Colleagues Just Drinking the Liberal Propaganda Kool-Aid

Jon Voight talked politics on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Monday, calling Donald Trump “an extraordinary fellow” but admitting that many people in Hollywood don’t feel the same way.

“They’re buying the Kool-Aid,” he said. “They are buying whatever Democratic Party puts out… They don’t have much reputation for the truth. But the people in Hollywood on the left are loyal to Hillary.”

Voight said Trump has “accomplished much in his life.”

“I have the greatest admiration for him,” the actor said. “… He’s very considerate of other people.”

Voight said at times Trump can say things in “an unusual, sometimes awkward way,” but overall Voight feels Trump “says exactly what needs to be said.”

“There’s big issues in terms of the character of the people running,” Voight said. “… Donald Trump has no blood on his hands as does Hillary. Remember Benghazi.”

The actor concluded, “One thing you can be sure of is Donald Trump is no liar.”



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