Violence by ethnic gangs being under reported: Bolt

Image: Horrific moment a 15-year-old is attacked by a gang of eight girls after she ‘spoke to a boy one of them liked’ – leaving her with broken ribs

Video: Sky News Australia

The coverage of violence by ethnic gangs in Australia is not being reported “much at all” by some media outlets due to the fact it could “seem racist” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

In Melbourne a 15-year-old girl was allegedly attacked by a gang on Wednesday night which left her with broken bones and suspected fractures.

“I saw almost no coverage of it anywhere in the mainstream media,” he said.


Other examples of recent unprovoked, unjustified violent and criminal behavior by blacks, behavior that adds to the stigma ..



What kind of a ? beats a little girl?

His mother must be so, so proud!


Fucking loser!!



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