The middle-school teacher, who is a proud member of the Democrat domestic terror group Antifa, has just received a nice dose of justice.

Yevette Felarca was arrested earlier on charges from a violent brawl last year between Nationalists and Communist groups.

On Tuesday, Felarca was taken into custody in Los Angeles on charges of inciting and participating in a riot, and assault likely to cause great bodily injury.

The charges were a long time coming – after an eight-month investigation.

From Fox News

Felarca, whose name in public records appears as Yvonne Capistrano Felarca, has been identified as the leader and spokesperson for the anti-fascist group By Any Means Necessary.

She is among several people arrested this week in connection to the wild skirmish that broke out at the state Capitol in June 2016 when more than 300 counter-protesters confronted about 30 members of the Traditionalist Worker Party, which has been called a white nationalist group.

Felarca, who is a middle school teacher in Berkeley, attended the Capitol protest and gave television interviews after the melee.

She was captured on video hitting a member of the TWP and calling a man a Nazi before punching him in the stomach repeatedly while shouting for him to “get the f*** off our streets.”


HUGE: Tucker Carlson Sinks Yvette Felarca

If this doesn’t do it, nothing will. And its game over shortly.

Yvette Felarca is the FACE of the US Privileged Class

Who else could get away with this behavior besides a woman like this?

Tucker Carson VS Yvette Felarca (REACTION)

Yvette and her sjw BAMN movement think it’s acceptable to punch and assault so-call “facists”. This my reaction to her interview with FOX news discussing Milo’s appearance at UC Berkeley, and the violent protests that ensued to stop his speech.


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