Viral Sensation Slams Fake Race War

Image: Black YouTuber Goes Rogue, Says Trump Is ‘Absolutely Correct’ About 1 Thing

The Alt-Left’s most feared enemy is smart, educated, successful black people.


The Truth About The Race War

Over the years, the mainstream media has continually fanned the flames of racial division within the United States – and this has only intensified in light of the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner situations.

In this presentation, we aim to briefly discuss some shocking inaccuracies within the mainstream media portrayal of various events. Inaccuracies which are so incredibly brazen and deliberate that they undeniably illustrate intentions to convey a false narrative to the general public.

We will then illustrate the unspoken incentives, both personal and political, which speak to reasons as to why these falsehoods continue to be propagated despite their disastrous consequences.
Distorting reality does victims of every race, color, and creed an incredible disservice, and it is our goal to expose the false media narratives by presenting The Truth About the Race War.


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