Waging War On The West

Image: Exclusive Video: UN’s Whopper of Hypocrisy: UN climate activists line up for Burger King at Madrid summit despite UN’s warning on dangers of eating meat – Harrison Ford confronted about flying up coast for a cheeseburger

The most important event at the climate fraud meeting in Madrid: Skeptical Climate ‘Talking Points’ 36-Page Report Released at UN Climate Summit in Madrid

By Tony Heller

The Globe And Mail wants you to sacrifice, to assist them with their virtue signaling.


“Blacklisting” skeptics = Trying to hide inconvenient facts!

Study in Journal Nature tries to ‘blacklist’ skeptics – Ranks Climate Depot’s Morano as NUMBER ONE ‘climate contrarian’ in the media! (#1 out of 386 skeptics)

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: Why Climate Activists Need To Stop Hyping ‘Extreme Weather’ – ‘Floods, drought, tornadoes & tropical cyclones (which includes landfalling U.S. hurricanes) – have not increased in frequency or intensity over the long-term’


100% Data Tampering