Want Proof of Voter Fraud? Look at What’s Happening in Chicago…

Voter fraud is all too real — particularly so in Chicago, Illinois, where it seems dead Americans have been voting for decades.

How many dead Americans? A lot.

In fact, an investigation by local news station WBBM showed that “119 dead people have voted a total of 229 times in Chicago in the last decade.”

Here are just a few examples:

  • Susan Sallee, who died in 1998 but voted in 2010 …
  • Victor Crosswell, who died in 1994 but has voted six times since his death …
  • Floyd Stevens, who died in 1993 but has voted 11 times since his death …
  • Earl Smith, who died in 1997 but has voted twice since his death …
  • Tadeusz Cielsa, who died in 1998 yet managed to somehow cast a ballot in 2010 …

Who the heck is going to vote next, huh — Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, JESUS!?

This sort of voter fraud exists because state governments refuse to do their due diligence and remove deceased voters from their records. Susan Sallee’s son would know. He claimed that despite having reported his mother’s death numerous times, she still remains on the voter roll.

“They’re just not taking her off the rolls,” he said.

Wonderful …

Obviously, 119 dead Americans voting 229 times seems like a small number, correct? Multiply that by 35,000 cities and towns, as estimated by The National Map, and suddenly those 119 Americans and 229 votes transform into 4.165 million Americans and 8.015 million votes.

See the problem?

Of course, the easiest way to remedy this dilemma would be to simply implement voter ID laws across the board, thus making it nearly impossible for cheaters and frauds to cast ballots on behalf of deceased Americans.

Unless the fraudsters were to look identical to the dead individuals whose identities they desire to co-opt, they would simply be out of luck. Case closed.

Except that liberals keep fighting voter ID laws tooth and nail, trying their hardest to prevent such laws from taking hold across the nation.

Why? Because they refuse to even acknowledge the existence of voter fraud, claiming instead that it “is very rare” and “nearly non-existent,” in the words of the liberal Brennan Center for Justice.

Just like with every other issue that divides Republicans and Democrats, the left refuses to recognize the facts, which are that voter fraud is real, and voter ID laws represent a reasonable solution to this problem.

Even worse, they have taken to outputting phony arguments such as this: “Voter ID laws are racist!”

Bull …

Voter ID laws are common sense, but apparently, liberals have NO common sense!


Hillary BUSTED Holding Closed Door Meeting with Florida Elections Director in Possible Voter Fraud Scheme


More proof of a RIGGED SYSTEM and likely voter fraud taking place right before our eyes in the critical state of Florida. There have been several reports that Broward County Election Director Brenda Snipes has met with Hillary Clinton behind closed doors and several sources of claim to be coming forward with pictures soon.

The Conservative Treehouse reports this may be part of a bigger voter fraud scheme.

Anyone with any political knowledge is aware the best chances for Hillary Clinton in Florida come from two specific counties, Broward and Dade.  It is not coincidental that both counties continue to be the historic nucleus of multiple voting irregularities.

This year is no different.  In a recent series of events Broward County is at the epicenter of another voting malfunction.  However, this one might not be a mistake, it might be by design.   The essential outline of the current year concern surrounds a scheme to present double voting to benefit Hillary Clinton:

Broward County officials intentionally screw up sending out mail-in ballots to a key demographic constituency.  The correction therein then allows the same official to send a second set of ballots to the same constituency thus providing two possibly counted ballots for each voter.

Sounds incredible. Maybe.  But as incredulous as it sounds that’s exactly what’s taking place.

The issue stems around the second page of the ballot for a ballot initiative, a specifically democrat ballot initiative, an amendment to Florida’s constitution, Amendment #2, whereby legalized marijuana is up for a vote.

The Amendment #2 ballot initiative is the long-standing objective of John Morgan an Orlando lawyer who is the name and face behind the Morgan and Morgan law firm.

John Morgan, lives in Orlando and is a big donor and benefactor of the Democrat party.  You might remember it was John Morgan who hired former governor Charlie Crist (Republican, then Independent, then Democrat) after his failed Senate bid.  John Morgan is also attached to the Multi-billion Pigford settlements via a partner in his law firm Greg Francis.

John Morgan is also a key donor, financial bundler, and contributor to President Obama and Hillary Clinton.   Morgan has hosted numerous high-dollar ($30k+ per plate) events for Obama and this year for Hillary Clinton.

Legalized marijuana sales in Florida, under the auspices and ruse of “medical marijuana”, has been a goal of Morgan for several years.  Politically, Morgan also wants to be FL Attorney General and/or U.S Attorney General.

By structuring a flawed ballot distribution in Broward County both Hillary Clinton and John Morgan can achieve both their objectives.  A rather brilliant Win/Win.

The scheme works by “accidentally” failing to print one of the pages in a strategic regional area guaranteed to be dominated by Clinton/Morgan supporters.  It takes only a modicum of ‘plausible deniability‘ to provide the arms-length distance from a scheme.

Sending out “some” or “a few” ballots with a blank page, a “flaw” per se’, then resending an entire second set of ballots (173,000) to the full area, provides multiple opportunities.

See if you can spot how it plays out.  Beginning with the small flaw:

(Miami Herald October 20th) The Broward County elections office, already under scrutiny for two blunders in the past few weeks, played defense once more Friday as its supervisor came under fire after mail-in ballots turned up that skipped a constitutional amendment question on medical marijuana.

One of the organizations supporting the amendment, NORML of Florida, has asked for an emergency hearing after filing a lawsuit on what it called an error that could be “catastrophic and cataclysmic.” A Broward judge has scheduled a hearing for 10 a.m. Tuesday.

“In reviewing and reviewing and going back looking through our ballots we found Amendment 2 on all 92 of those styles so it’s still not totally clear why this voter did not have Amendment 2,” Snipes said. She added that she believes that the faulty ballots were test samples for Oakland Park. After a city candidate dropped out, she said, her office recoded the Oakland Park ballot, leading to a creation of a new test ballot. Her office did not notice the missing marijuana question on the test ballots, which are not supposed to be sent to voters but somehow were.

At a maximum, Snipes said, only seven of those test ballots were printed. She allowed reporters, as well as a representative from United for Care, the political committee backing the amendment, to review the 92 ballot styles Friday.

But amendment backers were skeptical of Snipes’ explanation after it became clear that she didn’t know precisely what went wrong or exactly how many ballots lack the closely watched amendment. Broward is the most left-leaning county in the state, and amendment backers are counting on its voters for a large share of support.

“What continues to concern me is it does not seem that the supervisor knows for certain the extent of the problem,” said Ben Pollara, campaign manager for United for Care. “They have a strongly held belief it is this very isolated incident [Snipes] described this afternoon but they don’t know for sure. Until they do I remain incredibly concerned.”  (read more including video and press conference)

OK, so that’s the ground work for the “small flaw” in Broward County ballots.  Note in the video Ms. Brenda Snipes positioning 173,000 ballots as the full distribution to be concerned with.

Now lets look at what they finally claimed was the origin of the problem, and the solution they came up with:

(Via Sun Sentinel october 24th)  Broward elections workers checking mail-in ballots from Oakland Park found none without the statewide medical marijuana question that had been missing from at least two ballots.

But an early voter at the Fort Lauderdale Regional Library/Art Serv said her ballot was missing Amendment 2.

The Broward Supervisor of Elections Office said there was no evidence of a incorrect ballot. The pages were stuck together because of humidity in the machine, said spokeswoman Tonya Edwards.

“There was an issue with the humidity so it printed twice on one side instead of on the other,” Edwards said. “On one page it was blank and on the other page was the actual amendments.”

Debbi Ballard, 57, of Fort Lauderdale, said she filled out her ballot and realized the amendment wasn’t there. “I checked once, twice, three times,” she said.

“This is an irregularity and needs to be addressed,” Ballard said. She said she pointed out the error to voting staff and received a new ballot.

Ballard said she was not satisfied with the “pages stuck together” theory and has lost confidence in Broward’s Supervisor of Elections Office. “That doesn’t explain it,” she said. “Because the layouts were completely different.”

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said there wasn’t an amendment issue. “It’s a moisture issue,” she said. “So I can understand why the voter, you know, became concerned or upset, because there’s been so much about it out there in the air. It’s a moisture issue, it’s a moisture issue.”

Last week, two voters in Oakland Park reported that the amendment had been left off their mail-in ballots.

[…]  Snipes said that voters who are missing the amendment, all of whom should be in Oakland Park, will get new ballots. Edwards said later that Snipes was aware of the early voter’s issue.  (read more)

Remember the concept behind the “bathtub principle“, and how small chaos is used to cloud, mask, hide and deceive much bigger solutions (intentions)?

And where was Hillary Clinton yesterday?

Source: TruthFeed 


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