‘War against humanity’: Netherlands to shut down 3,000 farms

Image: ORGANIZED FAMINE: Germany Orders Farmers to Slash Fertilizer After Dutch Government Shuts Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals

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There’s still no sign of (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of, as we know – warming. No warming, but the alarm is ringing.

The “GreenRent & Grant Seeking Community of Activists and Criminals are still not listening to science, facts, empirical, real world observations or data.

Instead they are shocked that an increasing number of people goes on Twitter to voice their climate skepticism (now that the bird is more free) and talk about peoples skepticism like it is a problem.

Basically, everything that threatens to derail their war against humanity is a problem, they think there’s too many people on this planet so they want to murder, true to the socialist inheritage, as many as they can in order to get the population to below 1 billion.

But the easiest way to solve the population problem is for those 17 who think it’s a problem to just go jump off a bridge.

R. J. L.

Video: Sky News Australia
Webster University assistant professor Ralph Schoellhammer says the Dutch government’s plan to shut down 3,000 farms in a bid to comply with EU emissions standards is a “war against humanity”.


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