Watch: Kimmel Inadvertently Proves People Just Don’t Care About Trump’s Tax Returns

Why don’t people care about his tax return?

Because it doesn’t change the fact that he is a successful business man, a man that get things done and knows how to get it done. Progressive libtards just wants something else to talk about than the numerous law breaching activities of crooked, criminal Hillary Clinton. If she wasn’t protected by the crime-leader O. Bummer, she would have been in prison many years ago.

The story ..

Late night comedy host Jimmy Kimmel really wanted to prove that people cared about Republican nominee Donald Trump’s tax returns, but when his “Lie Witness News” talked to people on the streets, it became pretty clear that nothing could reduce Trump’s supporters.

“Donald Trump says people don’t care about his tax returns, I disagree, I care about his taxes. I think a lot of people care,” Kimmel said in the clipintroduction.

Kimmel made up a bunch of absurd claims about Trump’s tax returns, including a fictional donation to the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion and a legal defense fund for former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.

Kimmel “reporters” asked random people on the street what they thought about Trump’s fictional net worth of $42,000, instead of the $10 billion the Republican nominee insists he is worth. “Everyone fibs a little bit,” one interviewee responded.

“Well, that settles it, he can get away with anything,” Kimmel concluded.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and surrogates continue to insist that Trump should release his tax returns, and major news outlets like CNN criticize Trump’s reasoning for not releasing his tax history.

Source: The Daily Caller 



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