WATCH – Latino Trump Fan Is FED UP, Exposes ‘Bigoted’ Liberals In THIS Viral Video

“There is an awakening happening in America, and the demographics leading the charge this election cycle are African-Americans and Latinos. These two traditionally Democrat voting blocks are starting to call out not only Democrats for their culturally debilitating policies but also their own communities for riding the liberal tide into a cultural abyss.

One Latino for Trump has posted a video on Twitter explaining perfectly what it is like when someone from the inner-city Latino community calls Democrats and progressives out for their incapacitating policies. Speaking from Oakland, California, the man tells of how when he points out the obvious about Democrats and the thug culture, he gets a litany of hate-messages. “All of the sudden I’m ‘whitewashed,’ and I want to be white so bad,” he said.”  Read more and watch video .. 


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