Watch: Viral Belgian Politician’s Takedown of ‘Weak, Globalist, Obsessed by Multiculturalism’ Hillary

Belgian People’s Party leader Mischaël Modrikamen has released a second video in support of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump after garnering millions of hits for his declaration that “America should not become another Brussels”.

Shooting to prominence after his first short video — released just hours before the Brussels terror attack in March this year — Mr. Modrikamen has once again slammed Hillary Clinton and called on Mr. Trump to help save America.

Repeating his call that the United States should not fall to the interests of globalism and multiculturalism as Western Europe has, Mr. Modrikamen says:

[The] Election is now close. Hillary Clinton is just the kind of politician we have here in Western Europe. Weak, globalist, obsessed by multiculturalism, despising ordinary people, but bending to elites and corporate interests.

Right now in Europe, we face migrant invasion, terrorism, violence, rapes. Our way of living is under attack, and industry jobs disappear fast.

Our current leaders failed. And candidate Clinton is just like them.

Linking the candidacy of Donald Trump with the very fate of Western civilisation, the People’s Party leader delivers his call of support for Mr. Trump against a montage of images showing a traditional European family when speaking of the revival of society. Images of Nigel Farage and others accompanied his talk of patriotic voices in Europe who would benefit from a Trump victory:

[The] Donald Trump movement is not anymore about an election, it has become the people’s sacred fight to reclaim it’s sovereignty.

We are at a crossroads, decline or revival. We need to bury political correctness, and reject the press’ constant bias, and stop the constant self-inflicted wounds.

Donald Trump’s victory will reinforce all patriotic voices here also in Europe. We are facing the same threats and challenges. God Bless America. Mr Trump, make America Great Again”.

Speaking to Breitbart London just days after the deadly Brussels attacks in March, Mr. Modrikamen said Belgium had become a haven for Islamist radicals because it was a weak nation with no coherent identity, and remarked: “I don’t want the United States to become the new Brussels”.

Explaining why socialist politicians were so happy to welcome mass migration, he said:

The leftist parties would have vanished from Brussels without the support of the Muslim population here. And we have to let people know in the United States that according to demographic reports, we now have approximately 30-35 per cent Muslim population, and this is re-enforced every day by the migrant invasion

According to these demographic trends, we will have a Muslim majority in 15 to 25 years in Brussels, because of high birth rates and the migrant influx. We also have so many illegals here, we have 150,000 to 200,000 of them.

Signalling his strong support for Mr. Trump, the Belgian politician said:

Mr. Trump, we have this in common. We speak the truth. Of course the political and media elites will never forgive us for that, but ordinary citizens are not fools, Mr. Trump.

Make America great again, you are an example to many of us here in Europe”.

Source: Breitbart



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