We Fact-Checked Claim That People Turned Away From Trump’s FL Rally Total Hillary’s Rally Attendance

The battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is neck-and-neck nationwide, butpollsters say that the GOP candidate has a big advantage in the area of enthusiasm of his supporters. That enthusiasm is told in the number of people who attend Trump’s rallies.

As an example, Trump’s rally on Tuesday in the AeroMod airplane hangar in Melbourne, Florida was, as the candidate himself might say, ‘YUGE.’

Trump announced before the crowd that the fire marshal had turned away 12,000 peoplewho wanted to go to the rally.


The Gateway Pundit website reports that if 12,000 people were turned away from the airplane hangar, that’s more than all of the people who attended Hillary Clinton rallies in August and September.

“Hillary has only had 12,000 total at her rallies since August 1st. To put this in perspective, Trump has had 300,000 more people at his rallies than Hillary and over 26 times the crowds she has entertained and Trump turned away 12,000 people Tuesday night which is roughly the same amount of people that Hillary has entertained at all her rallies since August 1st!”

Melbourne, Florida, police Commander Dan Lynch told Independent Journal Review that there was an estimated 10,000 people packed inside the AeroMod company airplane hangar at the Melbourne-Orlando Airport:

“We used 9,500 as the number where we turned people [away] and it ended up that it was estimated to be close to 10k. That’s a conservative number. We had to shut the doors because there was was lightening [sic] in the area and we were concerned about their safety.”

Lynch told us that there were thousands right outside the hangar, with more arriving all the time, and police had a “Disney-like” serpentine line from the hangar to the road:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Google Maps

Image Credit: Screenshot/Google Maps

Commander Lynch told us that he hadn’t seen crowds this big since the blockbuster “Runaway Country” concert:

“You look at the aerial shot of the building and the hangar was, and there were people lined up from the building all the way out to the road. It was a Disney-like line. We had to do that to keep one side of the road open for emergency vehicles. We had to snake them up and around. most people we could get.

I cannot give you a count, but it was easily easily 6-8 thousand [turned away]—could be more than that, too.”


While it’s possible that as many as 12,000 people were turned away because police don’t have a solid number, officers told Independent Journal Review that their “conservative” estimate was that 8,000 people were turned away.

Image Credit: YouTube

They also told us that it was a peaceful crowd, though they had some medical calls because it was so hot.

And in the end, the Trump turn-away numbers might not have equaled the entire attendance at all Clinton rallies for the last two months, but if their estimates are to be believed, it was darned close.

Source: Independent Journal Review 

If you don’t count Hillary’s paid “actors” then Trump had to turn away MORE than her total ..



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