‘We want a fair election’: Donald Trump Jr

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President Trump warned about this situation months ago. This might be a splendid opportunity to clean up jet another swamp-problem that has been itching America for decades. Securing election integrity might clean up much more of the DC’s corruption than we think.

If elected representatives are actually held accountable through the ballot box, perhaps term limit would be irrelevant?

This is an opportunity for another huge and monumental Trump accomplishment!

Blow it wide open, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

R. J. L.

Video: Sky News Australia
Donald Trump Jr says his father is “a fighter” and will continue to fight for a fair election.

His remarks come after President Trump spoke about a “tremendous amount of litigation” taking place in a bid to win the presidential election.

The president’s campaign called for counting to stop in several crucial states until Republicans are allowed to view the ballots as they are counted.

“We want a fair election, we want all legal votes counted,” Mr Trump told a crowd in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I’ve lost all faith in the process, no one believes that this is real.

“We’re going to fight each and every one of these (states).”

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