Weather Warning For Snowflakes

Image: Met Office issues yellow weather warning for Leeds as torrential rain and thunderstorms set to hit

By Paul Homewood

The Met Office has been justifiably blasted for its latest heatwave advice: 


The Met Office has been lampooned after it issued nanny state advice warning Brits to stay indoors for days on end as a Mediterranean heatwave melts the country.

There was an official amber advisory put out on Monday morning telling people not to leave the house for hours every day until Friday.

But millions of Brits defied the warning and flocked to beaches and parks across the country before blasting the weather service for trying to spoil summer and promote a ‘soft Britain’.

Many social media users tagged the Met Office on Twitter and asked how they were meant to get to work and pay the bills if they’re stuck inside all day. 

Many Brits were baffled by the Met Office’s warning, with Nick Lyskov rightly pointing out: ‘You don’t go on holiday and sit inside do you?!’

Tommy Roberts wrote: ‘State of this country. Instead of telling people to enjoy an excellent British summer, we are told to stay indoors?! We pay thousands to go on holiday where they have this climate as standard and now we have it, your telling people to stay indoors?’

Others claimed it was unrealistic to ask working men and women to stay inside during normal working hours.

John Barrett said: ‘Brilliant advice from Met Office saying stay indoors and out of the sun until Friday. OK I’ll just call my boss and tell him I won’t be in this week.’

Health services are expecting a surge in sun stroke patients as advice to draw curtains and close windows is hurriedly issued to the public, alongside an official amber weather warning.

The amber, or level three, warning is issued when temperatures are predicted to hit 86F (30C) degrees during the day, and 59F (15C) degrees at night, for at least two consecutive days.

The nation is one step away from level four – which would result in the declaration of a national emergency. 

Britain is now bracing for the highest temperatures for more than a decade to come this week, as well as the driest summer for 225 years, but many homes and offices – as well as Tube lines – are unprepared for the heat spike.

Official Met Office advice is to stay indoors with closed and covered windows – avoiding the stunning sunshine which can be so rare in Britain. 

The sunshine avoidance advice is now being debated in many homes across the country as sun lovers fling open the windows to enjoy the light – and cool down their home.

Despite the advice, thousands have flocked to beaches or set themselves up on scorched grass to top up their tan today, not missing the chance to catch some rays on home soil.

Britain is now on a Level Three warning from the Met Office – one step below Level Four – at which point is is expected fit and healthy people will begin to experience health issues.

Tourism chiefs are also furious, as the Evening Standard reports:

Tourism chiefs blasted the “nannying” warning, branding the advice “nonsense” as they urged families to go outside and enjoy the weather.

Malcolm Bell, Visit Cornwall boss, told the Daily Mail: “It’s nanny state with the biggest capital N you could possibly print.”

And Steve Jordan, of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association in East Sussex, said: “We’ve had long hot summers in the past and I don’t remember warnings telling us not to go out in the sunshine.” 

While it is appropriate to warn the public to be prepared, it is really quite ludicrous to declare an Amber Warning, which is only one step away from a National Emergency. This really is taking what is just a weather event to ridiculous lengths.

As many have commented, millions of people pay to go on holiday to places that are much hotter.


How Did The Media Overlook This In The Northern Hemisphere

Record heat in Scandinavia brought by the remnants of a warm water hurricane pulled into the atmospheric flow, centering that heat over northern Europe. All the while 2000 miles west, its snowing in Canada with well below normal temperatures. Looking at temperatures across N. America, doesnt seem like the end of the world heat, at all. You decide if what you are being told in the news is true.


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