What Obama Just Said About Syria is Why We Have No Chance of Winning

President Obama and actor Leonardo DiCaprio attended a climate change panel at the White House on Oct. 3 where our feckless commander in chief made it abundantly clear why, under his weak leadership, we cannot win the war on terror on his watch.

At the panel, Obama claimed that climate change is partly to blame for the civil war in Syria. Obama said, “There’s already some really interesting work — not definitive but powerful — showing that the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.”

“Well, if you start magnifying that across a lot of states, a lot of nation states that already contain a lot of poor people who are just right at the margins of survival, this becomes a national security issue.”

Next, Obama went on to chastise members of Congress who are smart enough not to buy into the climate-change garbage that has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the left’s radical, globalist agenda:

And, that’s why even as we have members of Congress who scoff at climate change at the same time as they are saluting and wearing flag pins and extolling their patriotism they’re not paying attention to our Joints Chief of Staff and the Pentagon who are saying this is one of the most significant national security threats that we face over the next fifty years.

U.S. Army General Robert Scales hit back at these spurious and downright dangerous claims from the left back in March when he said that the “administration’s new-found passion to connect climate change to war is an example of faulty theories that rely for relevance on politically-correct imaginings rather than established historical precedent.”

Scales added, “The point is that in today’s wars, politically-correct theories inserted into a battle plan might well extend war needlessly and get soldiers killed.”

It should be noted that science doesn’t exactly agree with Obama either. The Cato Institute wrote an in-depth analysis of scientific literature relating to the dubious claim that human-caused climate change led to the Syrian civil war and came to this conclusion:

Our bottom line: the identifiable influence of human-caused climate change on recent drought conditions in the Fertile Crescent was almost certainly not the so-called straw that broke the camel’s back and led to the outbreak of conflict in Syria. The pre-existing (political) climate in the region was plenty hot enough for a conflict to ignite, perhaps partly fueled by recent drought conditions—conditions which are part and parcel of the region climate and the intensity and frequency of which remain dominated by natural variability, even in this era of increasing greenhouse gas emissions  from human activities.

Obama likes to blame America for everything — even in this case as he and other loony libs blame the U.S. for not decimating our economy based on junk science — instead of actually placing blame where it belongs.

This is, of course, the same President Obama who won’t name the threat the U.S. and the rest of the world is facing in radical Islam. Fortunately, he’ll be out of office soon. Let’s hope his administration isn’t extended four-to-eight years with the nightmare that would be a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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