When Statistics and Experience Dictate the Response – Meaning, Blacks has Actively, Over Time, Both Taught and Conditioned how the Police Treat Them

Image: Kayleigh McEnany says Trump is considering executive order on police reform

Everybody knows the headline describe the facts. Make no mistake, that does not excuse the hideous murder of George Floyd, a murder criminals now are exploiting for their own violent agenda. No, that’s not all:

White guilt exploitation of black pain keeps blacks dependent on American liberalism

‘The Five’ reacts to passionate speech given by police union boss

Video: Fox News

Head of New York State Association of PBAs rails against law makers looking to vilify police; ‘The Five’ reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive


Breitbart: ***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

When it comes to dishonest Democrats, there’s no end to their stupidities:

House hearings’ second witness, fmr Obama head, blames Trump administration for police injustices

Again, – everything by and from the left is FAKE!

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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