When Will People Be Normal Again?

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By Tom Woods via Principia Scientific International

You’ve probably heard about the new paper purporting to show that the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota is responsible for 266,000 new COVID “cases.”

Oh, and the health cost will be $12.2 billion.

Now if this all seems ridiculous and over the top to you, and conforms just a little too neatly to the narrative — dumb Trumpers who refuse to listen to “the science” are going and getting people killed — that’s probably because it is.

I’ll dig into that paper with you within the next few days.

But the general thrust is this: no joy in your lives, citizens! For there is a virus!

So Los Angeles, for example, has just banned trick-or-treating this Halloween. You know, because they’re super sciency in Los Angeles.

Trick-or-treating will go on in most places, and nothing will come of it.

On Twitter today someone asked:

“What is the endpoint for people who still won’t resume their pre-COVID lives? Are they waiting for Fauci or a wise governor to signal the ‘all-clear’? What will it take?”

That’s the question I’ve been stumbling toward but haven’t quite asked so bluntly.

Doomers get upset when you mention the flu, but it’s relevant: we learned to live with it. We didn’t discontinue life-giving pleasures for young people (and indeed for all people) even though living normal lives will result in deaths.

If we get to a point where COVID claims 100 people per month, will this be sufficient? But if the “if it saves even one life” logic (such as it is) is correct, how can it be? Will these people still be cowering in their homes even then?

That’s because we realize that truly human lives involve the very things that the world’s Faucis are now demonizing, and warning us we may never get back.

Even if continuing restrictions are obviously causing other deaths, that would have been avoidable otherwise?

How do these people ever climb out of this?

I don’t mean how governments step back. I mean: how does someone who’s convinced himself that he cannot leave his house go back to being a normal person?

I honestly don’t know.

We may have two parallel societies for some time.

Unfortunately, the folks in the other society, the panic society, want to exercise power over you and how you make your living — you know, in the name of “science.”

If you’re starting to think it might be a bad idea to let people like this have a say over how — or whether — you can work, you might think about starting something the loons can’t shut down. Tonight one of my podcast guests (one of whose businesses is the Rocket Language foreign-language instruction company) is showing how he’s been doing it for nearly two decades, so be sure to join us tonight (but sign up right now): http://www.tomwoods.com/unshutdownable

Ref.: https://principia-scientific.com/when-will-people-be-normal-again/

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