Kerry and his “anointed one” Obama figuring out ways to blame others for their disastrous policies

After blaming its predecessor George W. Bush for nearly seven and half years for the current President’s failed and disastrous policies, it appears the lame duck Obama administration has turned its guns on our nation’s most loyal allies. After all, you can’t blame the past forever, so why not find a new target.

Let’s revisit recent reckless and dangerous acts of George Soros’s hand picked  golden boy as reported on this site before embarking on his latest irresponsible midnight acts.

Obama went after Israel in the UN security council, failing to protect our Middle East ally from overly aggressive acts against the small Jewish nation, though the US is bound by agreement to do so.

There is the alienation of the Philippines, a crucial Pacific military outpost that is now aligning itself with Russia and China while threatening to dismantle the US base.

And well, there is the alleged “Russian hacking” that caused poor, pathetic, dethroned Queen Hillary’s loss to President-elect Trump. Of course that loss had nothing to do with the American voter seeing through her wicked veil of deception; her illegal email server that cost the lives of American soldiers(Benghazi?), and put national security at risk by failing to secure top secret documents. Or perhaps it was the corrupt Clinton Foundation and her ties to the Saudis. No, it was all Russia’s fault, as the blame game is being played.

So who will this Islamic loving Progressive left “savior” blame for his Syria fiasco? That’s right, one of the longest and closest allies since WWI, Great Britain.

According to a Fox News report, lame duck Secretary of State John Kerry, in his farewell remarks (good riddance), blamed the British Parliament for the infamous Obama “red line” in the sand to Syria that proved be biggest embarrassment in US history.

Though Kerry admitted it hurt US credibility in the global arena, the Democratic Party’s “anointed one” is innocent of any blame since he was deceived by the British, when Parliament voted against any military intervention against Syria, preferring diplomacy at the time.

Kerry went on to imply Obama had no choice but to “do nothing” when Syria thumbed it’s nose at the “red line” threat and used chemical weapons on its citizens anyway. A “do nothing” policy he implemented for eight years: US security, the security of Israel, destroying ISIS, putting an end to the state sponsored and nuclear aggression of North Korea and Iran. Any policy that would have worked towards achieving world peace but instead Obama intentionally created global chaos.

In his remarks, Kerry disagreed that Obama “failed to enforce” the red line and that his “great leader” did intend to act.

“The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, did decide to use force. And he announced his decision publicly and said we’re going to act, we’re going to do what we need to do to respond to this blatant violation of international law and of warnings and of the red line he had chosen,” he said.

But it was the British Parliament’s narrow vote that prevented the US Commander-in-Chief of the largest military force in the world from upholding his sworn oath to protect and to serve THE UNITED STATES, not terrorist states and organizations that are a danger to national security, the American citizens and our sworn ally Israel.

“Now, we were marching towards that time when, lo and behold … before the Friday decision, Prime Minister David Cameron went to Parliament … and he sought a vote of approval for him to join in the action that we were going to engage in. And guess what? The Parliament voted no. They shot him down,” Kerry whined.

And notorious for back peddling to the point of right out lying, Obama when under pressure for not enforcing the “red line” against Syria, Obama denied every setting a “red line” as seen in the CNN report below.

The Marxist sympathizer did plenty with the stroke of his pen when it came to eroding the US Constitution. And since the Soros New World Order puppet sees the Constitution as a “fundamentally flawed” and outdated piece of paper, Obama apparently has handed over his sworn “duties” as Commander-in-Chief to the British Parliament to decide what or if US military action is needed and of course the “authority” of the UN as well.

However, the British press, picking up on Kerry’s blame game tactics, reports this is one of several attacks from the Obama administration in recent weeks fired against the US’s European ally. Kerry also ruffled feathers after the US refused to veto the sanctions for Israeli settlement. After the vote, Kerry criticized Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as the “most rightwing coalition in Israeli history” which angered U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, according to The Guardian.

“We do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally,” said May’s spokesperson.

The UK publication went on to report the ultimate result of Obama’s failure to stand by his words in the “red line” statement:

“Despite the removal of most of the Syrian chemical arsenal, Assad gained strength with Russian and Iran support. The civil war worsened – its death toll now approaches half a million and a huge refugee crisis continues. Obama’s fateful act of omission is much debated as he nears the end of his presidency.”

But blaming the Brits, seems to have started last April when Obama blamed former British Prime Minister Cameron for Obama and Hillary’s “Arab Spring” that erupted most of the Middle East into chaos and led to the creation of ISIS, and the tragedy of Benghazi.

The Guardian reports:

In an interview with the Atlantic Monthly last year, Obama made critical comments about the UK and France regarding their participating in military action in Libya in 2011 that removed Muammar Gaddafi, but failing to stop the country becoming a “mess”.

Given that most historical analysis of a President’s policies and results are written by liberal left-wing Marxists, Obama will most likely be depicted as the perfect “anointed savior” who wasn’t to blame for the mess he left President Trump to fix. No, it will be EVERYONE else’s fault from Bush to now the British Parliament.

Ref.: https://conservativedailypost.com/white-house-now-blaming-syrian-chaos-and-rise-of-isis-on-britain-claiming-obama-is-innocent/



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