Whittle – 39 Bus Loads Of Rioters To One Rally – Maniac Clintons Go Away

Bill Whittle makes note of the fact that Jill Stein has raised twice as much money in the recount effort, which she did in about a week, as she did over her entire, almost two year long presidential run. Of course she gets to hang on to any surplus, it would be much too difficult to try to return it. He guesses there will be a couple of very good-paying liberal agitator jobs working on whatever political charade she has next on her to do list.

Whittle reminds us that “this kind of petty, money grubbing grandstanding is the left-wing doing what it does best – childishly running around stomping and screaming for attention at a dinner party intended for adults. So why did Hillary Clinton decide to attach her name, her campaign’s name, and the Democrat Party brand to all of this foolishness, why?”

He observes that while the recount will not change the results, it could potentially change the method by which it happens, thereby furthering their attempts to de-legitimize the Trump landslide victory. They are already attempting to diminish it by declaring at every opportunity that she won the popular vote. Actually she stole the popular vote – thank God we had the Electoral College as a safeguard.

Whittle explains the plot to take away Mr. Trump’s electoral landslide but not his victory, forcing him to be appointed by the House in accordance with the 12th Amendment. He also notes that Al Gore and Hillary Clinton now how the distinction of being the only two major party candidates to not accept the results of an election. Jill Stein is just a tool of Soros and Clinton, and is otherwise completely irrelevant. She’s not major and can’t be counted.

He describes Clinton as thinking “She can throw in the towel, stop the fight, retire to her corner, sit on the stool, stop the bleeding, eat a sandwich, and then, a half hour later, walk up to the winner sitting at ease with his happy and proud family and smash him in the head with a chair.” He adds, “That’s the kind of honor you find among these progressive thieves.”

He shows  a video of 39 buses parked on a road in Chicago which were used to transport paid agitators – thugs, who beat, threatened, assaulted and intimidated Trump supporters and ultimately were successful in canceling his event. That’s the kind of corruption that Soros money bought and that the White House, Democrats and Clinton campaign engaged in during the entire campaign. We can’t forget that Robert Creamer, who organized the aggression and criminal assaults on behalf of the Democrats visited the White House 340 times. They weren’t playing chess or bowling.

He notes how cowardly Clinton was in not coming out to address her supporters on the night of her loss, instead, sending out PizzaGate Podesta to tell them she’d be making a speech in the morning. She was probably too drunk in addition to being her common, out of control, angry witch self, throwing what wasn’t nailed down and cursing anything in sight.

Whittle urges Clinton to “Please, just go home. Take that rapist husband of yours and your entitled, unpleasant, talent-free daughter with you. The three of you just go away and pray to God that you do not get what you deserve. Drag your Saudi terrorism money, your Goldman Sachs private position millions and that utterly corrupt, treasonous carcass of yours off the stage and just fade away. A small, small person getting tinier, right in front of our eyes. Go home and stay home while the rest of America sits down and tries to stop shaking from the whizzing sound of that bullet that we just dodged.”

Ref.: http://rickwells.us/whittle-39-bus-loads-rioters-one-rally-maniac-clintons-go-away/



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