Why Is Nobody Talking About This?

Image: Operation Mockingbird

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The Democrats has taken control over the deep state, which already had control over most of the media, – and Hollywood.

How you know?

Everything can’t turn stupid at the same time without centralized orders originating from one place. Examples: Russia, Russia, Russia, FAKE News, Propaganda, “leaks,” Antifa, BLM., Rioting, election rigging and theft, January 6 and today for example CRT or “Trump was edging towards a coup.”

R. J. L.

Video: Mark Dice



Operation Mockingbird: The CIA’s Covert Media Manipulation Program

Video: Mark Dice


Hollywood’s Secret Operations Revealed

Video: Mark Dice


In Wikipedia Operation Mockingbird is described as a conspiracy theory, a lie. Another lie protected by Wikipedia is the (Man Made) Global Warming nonsense, which doesn’t exist in the real world, that Edward Snowden claim is originating from the CIA (deep state):

“Nobody Should Trust Wikipedia” – Co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger

Democrats (the “Uniparty”/Globalists) controls the deep state and all important outlets, including social media, they lie and manipulate, they censor and control, they rig and steal elections, they use climate to generate income (cronyism) for them selves – and poverty and dependency for the masses – through “green” taxes, lies and regulations and, lastly, they use the Covid-BS to control and surveil every man, woman and child.

R. J. L.

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