WIKILEAKS It Wasn’t “THE RUSSIANS” who Hacked Podesta he LOST his Damn Cell Phone 

In a DESPERATE attempt to spin the Wikileaks EMAIL NIGHTMARE, the Clinton campaign is attempting to weave this absurd narrative that the “EVIL RUSSIANS” are controlling the 2016 election by hacking high-level Clinton operatives and sharing the emails with Wikileaks.

Her idiot campaign and our North Korea-style government-run propaganda media refuse to discuss the actual content of the emails  – which PROVE media and Clinton collusion, pay to play, a North America borderless GLOBAL UNION, Hillary’s LOVE and support for Wall Street, Hillary’s hatred for Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Hillary’s contempt for the middle-class and ENDLESS name-calling and pandering, ETC. ETC. ETC.

Instead, her campaign the North Korea-style media paint this whacky picture that “THIS IS WHAT THE RUSSIANS WANT….TO SEE US TALKING ABOUT PRIVATE EMAILS!”

Ok, but there’s just ONE PROBLEM with that theory.

It looks like this all happened simply because a CLUMSY and careless Podesta lost his damn cell phone.

It’s not the evil Russian hackers, after all.


It’s just another inept Clinton staffer who LOST a smart device loaded with “private” information.

Absolute, friggen IDIOTS.


In short, careless, stupid, dishonest and arrogant, i.e. a Democrat!



100% Data Tampering