WIKILEAKS RELEASE : Bill Clinton’s 3rd Cousin Claims She was Assaulted by Bill While Babysitting Chelsea

Here’s why the team of criminals are projecting Billy Bob Rape Enthusiast Clinton toward Trump. Everybody should start talking about this – don’t let the criminals stop us reporting this.

From TruthFeed ..

Accused rapist and infamous womanizing pig Bill Clinton’s past perversions have come under renewed interest this election cycle.

At the second presidential debate, Donald Trump invited 4 Clinton victims to sit in the front row.

Three of the women are sexual assault and/or rape victims of Bill, and the other is a victim of Hillarys – who when she was 12 years old was viciously raped by a 40-year-old man who Hillary defended.

Now, we’re learning through a recently released  WIKILEAKS email that Bill Clinton’s 3rd cousin accused him of sexually abusing her when she was babysitting for a then “baby Chelsea.”

This is YET ANOTHER woman who claims sexual assault from Bill Clinton.

Will Hillary TRASH her publically the same way she trashed all of his other victims?

Source: TruthFeed 



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