WIKILEAKS RELEASE : Hillary’s Longtime Friend, Susan Blumenthal “Knows Where the Bodies are Buried”

Wikileaks dropped another batch of emails and documents from Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta.

We’ve learned that Hillary’s camp is aware that she lies excessively (and they wish she’d stop), that Hillary committed a felony by requesting email headers be stripped and emails sent “non-secure,” that Chelsea is a “spoiled brat” who lacks “life focus,” and that privately Bill and Hillary do not support gay marriage.

We also learned that Bill Clinton drove a female COO of the Clinton Foundation to become “suicidal,” and that Hillary was given the debate answers prior to debatingBernie Sanders.

Now, we’re learning that Clinton longtime friend Susan Blumenthal, wife to Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary’s friend, and confidant, “knows where the bodies are buried.”

What exactly does that mean?

For a woman (Hillary) so cloaked in scandals, lies, and subterfuge, something like this makes the mind wander off to very dark and sinister places.

Source: TruthFeed



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