Artificial Dishonesty

March 31, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: U.N. Ropes International Court of Justice into Enforcing Climate Agenda Related: Water Vapor, Clouds Are The Real Direct Masters Controlling Our Climate Video: Tony Heller “What can you […]

Artificial Intelligence Strikes Out

March 30, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: Low Temperature Records Slain Across Midwest; More Snow Dumped Onto California Mountains; Ice And Snow To Extend Into April; Israel’s Cold Spring; + Record Lows Sweep New Zealand […]

Artificial Stupidity

March 27, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: Fierce Spring Freeze Grips Siberia; Record March Cold Tears Across Scandinavia; -34F In Utah; + Latest Snowfall Ever For Yushan, Taiwan Related: Manchester Academic Slams IPCC “Smoke and […]

Unpacking the Climate Change Scam

March 25, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: The Red-Green Alliance To Destroy America Related: We’re Doomed… Again! IPCC and Media Jump the Shark Incredible Pictures: Thousands of Tractors Shut Down Highways in Farmer’s Anti-Green Madness […]

Ritual Sacrifice

March 24, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: Polar Plunge To Grip Europe; Tahoe’s Emerald Bay Freezes Over For First Time In Decades; + Ski Seasons Extended Across U.S. Thanks To Historic Snowpack Related: Challenging the […]

Gates Behind The Bars

March 20, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: Died Suddenly – COVID Shots Are the Obvious Connection Related: Survey: 36.6% Of German 18 To 29 Year-Olds Experienced Severe COVID Vaccine Side Effects Tyranny Thy Name Is […]

South Africa Is Crumbling

March 12, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: Double farm murder, couple shot multiple times, Gerardsville Related: Corruption Watchdog Moves to Clear Cyril Ramaphosa Free energy! Why is it being suppressed? Video: NPC Global Farm attack, […]

Hot Winter

March 10, 2023 Larsen 0

Image: UK Met Office Issues ‘Amber’ Warning With Feet Of Snow And -18C (0.4F) Forecast; Historically Cold Utah; + South America’s Crop Reductions Related: Heavy Snow Hits London As […]