The Government Wants To BRING BACK Quarantine Camps! Bill Signed For Human Composting

Image: US Military-Led Medical Martial Law Operation To KILL Off Humans EXPOSED!

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15-minute cities, no cars, eating bugs, the climate-fraud, population reduction, the Covid scam and the New World Order.

All the FAKE refugees, criminals and terrorists they let into Europe and the US., all the drugs and soft on crimes, all the chaos and violence has only one objective – for you to get desperate, so desperate that you will accept “their solution”!

It is not coincidental!

The mass murder has started, and as always throughout history, the “loving left” is responsible. You can start resisting now, or you can wait and gamble on the chance that you will be spared, but remember over 7 out of 8 is to be taken out, what are the odds you will make it, what about the odds your whole family will make it??

We all know who these few criminals are, start arresting them and anyone standing in the way!!

R. J. L.
By Stew Peters Network

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox joins Maria Zeee to discuss Governor Kathy Hochul’s appeal to BRING BACK government quarantine camps, a new Bill that has legalised turning humans into compost and much more.

The main subject of this interview is looking at the quarantine camps over the world including China and Australia and why they are continuing to be build at accelerated rates, even when many have spoken out about the horrendous treatment given at these camps including being forcefully injected for non-compliance.

Bobbie Anne Cox of Cox Lawyers, was instrumental last year in defeating Kathy Hochul’s government quarantine laws and now Hochul is trying desperately to get the quarantine laws reinstated which is absolutely insane. Cox became aware of the legislation in 2021, but she had witnessed New York State become a totalitarian state in 2020 when COVID first hit.

The legislation gave the Governor special powers which hadn’t been seen before and these powers were used to enforce lockdowns and people were prevented from doing anything unless they were classed as emergency workers. Almost immediately, the legality of these actions were called into question and Cox spoke out helping people understand what was and wasn’t legal and what their constitutional rights were.

When Kathy Hochul became Governor of New York in 2021 and tried to introduces these regulations through her Department of Health which were draconian in nature. These regulations would have given the Department of Health the power to pick and choose which New Yorkers they were going to lock up or lockdown. This meant people could have been forced to stay in their homes or remove from their homes to a quarantine facility of the Government’s choosing.

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