2024 blowout brewing: Trump crushing Biden with astonishing lead

That means nothing has changed from 2020 …???

Not very likely! If the POS., old, senile, criminal pedo Biden has over 2% approval (which is support the Dems Et Al is paying for) it’s no doubt a rigged poll. No sane people would support this criminal, incompetent, illegitimate regime without being paid!!

R. J. L.

Results follow months of bad polls for Biden since withdrawal from Afghanistan

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — In what would be one of the biggest political comebacks in American history, former President Donald Trump has surged into a double-digit lead over Joe Biden in the latest 2024 matchup poll.

In today’s Rasmussen Reports survey, likely voters picked Trump to beat Biden, 45% to 32% if the election were held today, a gap that is even higher among independents who have become the critical swing group. They chose Trump 47%-20%.

Rasmussen reported a sizable number of voters who want someone else, at 17%, and just 6% said they were on the fence. Also: 15% of Democrats said they’d vote for Trump compared to 8% of Republicans who’d pick Biden.

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100% Data Tampering