240 Years Of Climate Change

Image: Punishing Cold Breaks 167-Year-Old Records In Australia, + An Early Arctic Freeze Traps 20+ Ships In Unusually Thick Sea Ice

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The frauds, sorry: the “greens” has been looking for Man Made Global Warming for decades now. For years they thought it was hiding in the “hot spot” by the angels in the sky, that “hot spot” would prove, once and for all, humans did warm the planet, not the sun!! Then Professor Richard Lindzen of the MIT went looking for it .. But, shock!! It wasn’t there. Then the activists said, of course it is hiding in the deep oceans (leftist science where heat is sinking LOL), but to this day they have failed at finding, not only the Man Made part of this magical global warming, they haven’t even been able to find any natural global warming.

And while they spend billions each year searching for warming, parts of the globe keeps getting colder .. Bad, bad (Man Made) Global Warming!! Why couldn’t you show yourself at least once now before the COP 26?? But no, again we had to rely on FAKE and counterfeit data from NASA and stupid and nonsensical BS from the MSM.

This is soooo bad!!!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
Thomas Jefferson observed climate change in 1780, but he didn’t have Swedish high school truants to advise him about what to do



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