Pain At The Pump

Image: The GND Has No Plan To Replace Crude Oil Products

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Energy cost doesn’t matter for Joe Biden’s Democrats, the most wealthy and woke in history!!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
The cynicism of the White House appears boundless

High gas prices: Arizonans dealing with pain at the pump

Video: KNXV
Arizonans will be paying more at the gas pump, but that’s not slowing down drivers from hitting the roads for Thanksgiving

Was the Annual Climate FRAUD Meeting really a failure?? Are they not going to continue to collect billions in “green” taxes?

Perhaps all the annual last chance BS is just a ruse and a set up in order to keep us alarmed, again in order to continue the climate scam with energy shortage and high energy taxes including kick-backs, cronyism, corruption and subsidies?!!

100% Data Tampering