Will Israel Invade Southern Lebanon?

Published February 18, 2024

There is a lot going on in the world that is generating fear in the West because they have lost control of the narrative and the battlefield. Ukraine’s retreat from Avdeevka has exposed the lie that the Russian military is a spent force comprised of coerced, untrained, poorly supplied conscripts. This has left NATO scrambling to try to find a way to keep Ukraine in the fight, but Ukraine’s Army is being ground into dust and its morale is flagging.

But that is not where the real danger lies. Israel is signaling that it will invade southern Lebanon and fight Hezbollah.

Here is General Halevi doing his version of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


SOURCE: www.thegatewaypundit.com

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Safed (Israel) (AFP) – On a clear day, the view south from Safed, high in the mountains of northern Israel, stretches uninterrupted across orange groves and orchards to the Sea of Galilee.

A man walks in an empty alley in Israel’s northern city of Safed, amid ongoing cross-border tensions with Lebanon © Jalaa MAREY / AFP
Published February 16, 2024

But all eyes in the historic city have been trained more recently on the jagged hills just a few kilometres (miles) away to the north — and the border with Lebanon.


On Wednesday, an Israeli soldier was killed in a rocket strike in Safed, prompting retaliatory air strikes inside Lebanon that left at least 15 dead, including 10 civilians.

It was the worst single-day civilian death toll in Lebanon since cross-border hostilities began in October, stoking fears of a broader conflict between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

On Thursday, Israeli jets roared overhead, unseen in heavy cloud, as Safed’s Artists’ Colony in the city’s old Arab quarter slowly opened for business.

Further up the valley, locals nervously glanced at the skies, rumbling with thunder and flashes of lightning. Then an explosion echoed over the hills.



SOURCE: www.france24.com


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