The Heat: Israel’s New Government

January 11, 2023 Cherry Timbol 0

Just days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power, Israel’s new far-right government takes action against the Palestinians. Israel’s Security Cabinet has approved a series of punitive measures […]

Debunking the Jewish-Slave-Trade Myth

November 13, 2022 Cherry Timbol 0

It’s easy to treat Kanye West’s and Kyrie Irving’s Farrakhan-esque vituperations as nothing more than the cretinous gobbledygook of two imbecilic celebrities. But considering the powerful megaphone they each have, it […]

Israel’s Ukraine dilemma?

October 22, 2022 Cherry Timbol 0

Following Russian attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv using Iranian drones, Ukraine has once again asked Israel for military help. Israel, however, is seeking to maintain relations with both […]