Hamas will launch guerrilla warfare campaign against the IDF in Gaza after losing HALF of its forces since war broke out – leaving the terror group too weak for sustained battles

Published June 7, 2024

Hamas will launch a brutal Guerrilla warfare campaign against the IDF, a senior Israeli official has warned – as it is claimed the terror group has lost half of its forces.

The heavy losses sustained by the terror group have rendered it too weak to fight sustained battles against the vastly superior Israeli armed forces, reducing its ability to mount a conventional defence of its coastal stronghold.

But Hamas is heavily embedded among civilians in Rafah and is expected to cling on in bitter fighting before switching to an insurgency once its conventional forces fall – a sign of the group’s ability to quickly evolve its resistance.

Speaking from Israel‘s Intelligence HQ in Herzliya, the senior official told MailOnline how it was their duty to dismantle Hamas brigades ‘despite huge international pressure’ to halt the assault. ‘We assume many hostages are in Rafah,’ they said.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being pushed to agree to a ceasefire deal with Hamas that will see the release of the 124 hostages.

But yesterday Hamas rejected the US-backed proposal, stating it would only accept a deal that saw the IDF pull out of Gaza and allow the group to keep its weapons.

The senior official said Israel has no interest in occupying Gaza after the Rafah operation, but warned of a gruelling operation to deal with guerillas that refuse to surrender – suggesting the conflict could continue to drag on.


SOURCE: www.dailymail.co.uk

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Hamas’ fighting force has been cut down by almost half. The group is now resorting to guerilla tactics to hold its ground against the much more powerful Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). A labyrinth of tunnels, sprawling 500 km, is central to this

Hamas has been significantly weakened, with almost half of its members wiped out. Reuters
Published June 7, 2024

A considerably weakened Hamas has shifted gears in the war in Israel. The group is now resorting to guerilla tactics to hold its ground against the much more powerful Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Hamas’ resistance is evolving, and quickly.

We tell you how much Hamas has weakened, how it’s using tunnels for its guerilla tactics, and whether there is any chance of Hamas being completely vanquished.

Significant losses for Hamas

Eight months into the Gaza conflict that began with surprise attacks on Israel in October last year, Hamas stands significantly weakened and divided, though far from defeated, according to experts and officials. In a recent report, Reuters cited US and Israeli officials as saying that the group has seen about half its forces wiped out so far.


SOURCE: www.firstpost.com


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