After 12 Point Lead Vanishes in Week, Clinton Plans Victory Fireworks Show

The New York Post reports on Hillary Clinton’s elaborate victory celebration plans for an “Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River.” However, the Post notes that Clinton’s victory lap plans could “blow up in her face” now that her lead in the polls has vanished after the FBI announced last Friday that it’s reopening the criminal investigation into her mishandling of classified emails. Donald Trump now leads Clinton in the latest ABC News/Washington Post and Los Angeles Times tracking polls. 

From the New York Post:

Hillary Clinton may have lit the fuse for her victory celebration a little too soon — by planning an Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement officials and the FDNY have been told to prepare for a barge-launched pyrotechnic display off Manhattan’s Javits Center, where Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters for the Nov. 8 vote count, sources said.

The aerial detonations would last for two minutes, with the triumphal celebration permitted to start as early as 9:30 p.m. — a mere half-hour after the polls close in New York, sources said.

Cops and firefighters were blown away by Clinton’s hubris in planning the fireworks display, which would eclipse the shower of blazing sparkles that preceded the balloon drop at July’s Democratic National Convention.

“It’s a little presumptuous of her to plan on winning. I guess she put in for this before Friday,” one NYPD detective said.

Others said the actual election results could put a damper on things, but one firefighter raised the specter of a 2000-style recount and added, “So what’s she going to do, put the fireworks on ice?”

Another source wondered: “If she loses, will she take it over to the East Side and sell it to Trump for half-price?”

A retired firefighter said the FDNY’ s “rank and file is outraged they are being forced to do political work.”

“This will make it seem like the firefighters endorsed Hillary,” the source said.

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