Alex Jones Melts Globalists over Terror: Mind-Controlled Media Sacrificing the West for Islam

Alex Jones of launched into an epic rantduring his Monday show denouncing the media and global elites for sacrificing Western civilization to radical Islam.

Jones opened his monologue by saying:

I’m just so angry right now. I’m really so fundamentally angry with the media — how deceptive they are, what traitors they are, how low they are. Hillary — all of you — are just sickening horrible people… You have to work to be such scum, and I’m so sick of you, and I’m so sick of some of the general public that still sits there.

It’s like that Perino lady during the Bush press conference – or during one of those White House press conferences. She was sitting there, and they said, “Is it true the dollar’s down and that’s why oil prices are blah, blah, blah?” I mean, you don’t need to ask her if that was the case. You can just go do basic economics and know it. But it’s like, it’s not a terror bombing till they say. It’s not a Muslim till they say. It’s not a crime till they say.

For at least five years — and we’ve had the witnesses on — in Homeland Security, they’re not allowed to call a terror attack a terror attack; they’re not allowed to call a mosque a mosque; they’re not allowed to call a Muslim a Muslim; they’re not allowed to call an al Qaeda person or an ISIS person by their name under federal regulations or they get reprimanded or fired….

Imagine that! This is the level of control. You think they’re just telling us, “Don’t use the word Muslim or bomb or terror attack”? That’s what the FBI is told. That’s what Customs is told. That’s what it is to live in a mind-control country where they tell you what language to use because the sickening globalists and George Soros are allied with radical Islam and are taking over 23 countries as we speak — taking them over!

The West is only a destabilization program right now. We aren’t to that point yet, but in Sweden and Germany and France they’re putting ads on saying, “You are demoralized. You are dead. You are over. Give up to the hijab. Give up to Muhammad and Allah! Allah Akbar! We’re going to stab your daughter at the mall! We’re going to stab your wife, your son, we’re going to stab you with a butcher knife!” And then the police chief is going to get up and say, “We love our Somalis. We love our Muslims. Oh they’re so good. Oh they’re so sweet.”

I was watching Fox News as I worked out this morning, and they had the police chief on making excuses from that town in Minnesota, and they had the Fox News host — this is the fair and balanced channel — going, “Donald Trump really stepped in it this time. He said it was a bombing before it had officially been called a bombing, and Hillary’s on him, and she’s got some really good points.”

Fox is where MSNBC was 23 years ago. Now MSNBC is foam-at-the-mouth deception and is so filled with hate of you and your family, they can’t even control it. I mean, you look at the body language of Rachel Maddow. She is in a sport — a death sport. She wants to conquer you. She hates Christians.

They had a former top diplomat come out last week and say — who hadn’t really been a Christian — he says, “I’m not even a right-winger or a big Christian”… he said, “We’re taking Russia down because they’re Christian.” Period.

Hollywood runs the U.S., and they hate Christians. I mean, I’m telling you people this is sick. The leftists hate Christians so much that they will literally burn this country down, and they need to get full control.

Jones went on to explain that the open-borders globalists have “blown the doors open” to radicalized Muslims who oppress women and have no intention of assimilating to the Western countries they’re pouring into.

“Do you understand it’s an attack? It’s red level! It doesn’t matter now. You’ve got to choose sides at this point. The globalists have overrun us,” Jones railed.

His rant reached a crescendo when he addressed the globalists directly:

I will go to hell before I sit here and watch this country and the world turned over to these savages! I’m done, I’m pissed, and I’m not putting up with it anymore! Let me tell you something, you filthy traitors in the government, you pieces of crap.

You are the most degenerate, twisted, mentally ill people I’ve ever seen, wanting to gang-rape this Republic and this country and the West that has been the literal cornerstone, the absolute jewel in the crown of free Western Renaissance societies and the very best literature, music, technology, science, medicine, culture the world’s ever seen!

You Satanists want to sacrifice the West! You want to kill the beautiful goddess that is the West! You people are enemies, and we’re going to get your asses, and we know what you’re up to, and we’re coming for you!

As a parting salvo, he said:

Let me tell all the scum and all the leftists: you’re going to lose all of your jobs soon. The whole mainstream media is dying. We’re going to be in a huge Depression. You’re going to be living in your mothers’ basements.

And I hope your little fake liberal culture you’ve got that’s totally fascist and Satanic — I hope it keeps you warm at night because that’s all you’re going to have, and it’s all you’re ever going to have. Okay? I just hope you understand that.

Watch the full monologue above.

Source: Breitbart


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