America Beware: South African Redux

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By Edward Haugland, Mary Fanning – America Out Loud

Brendi Wells came to America believing she’d finally found a sanctuary retreat from the racist violence of Marxism, where rapes and murders were encouraged against the White population in South Africa. Instead, Ms. Wells is seeing and hearing the echoes of the horrific nightmare that played out under Nelson Mandela in South Africa is taking root in America today.

Edward Haugland and Mary Fanning host one-time South Africaner and bestselling author of Survival Food, Brendi Wells.

Ms.Wells shares her personal journey from the nightmare she experienced in Nelson Mandela’s South Africa to what she hoped was the safe haven of America.

One cannot help but notice neo-Marxist theories and propaganda, such as critical race theory, antiracism, white privilege, gender identity groups, social justice, all the social justice derivatives playing out before the American public today just as that racist propaganda played out in South Africa.

Communist Revolutionary Antonio Gramsci’s plan for a race war toward division and the destruction of America is being encouraged and deployed today. A divided country falls. It was no accident that Barack Hussein Obama called for the “transformation” of America and referred to Americans as “colonists,” a neo-Marxist tactic. That same tactic was used to divide and destroy South Africa. Race-baiting and race-hate.

Nelson Mandela was not the man many tried to portray him to be, particularly at the time of his ludicrous international funeral that was celebrated to honor the Marxist murderous thug. In fact, Mandela was quite the opposite of what the globalist propagandists portrayed him to be. Mandela was the very essence of evil and part of The New Underworld Order cabal.

Mandela was supported by the likes of Nazi collaborator George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Soros is known for overthrowing countries, breaking their financial systems, and running color revolutions toward chaos and destruction — just as Soros is funding in America today.

Multiple cabal players are hard at work toward America’s demise. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s father, Donald Blinken, and his second wife, Vera Evans, made a major donation to the Open Society Archive. The donation was to such an extent that in 2015, the foundation was renamed the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives. Only in an upside-down communist universe does the likes of George Soros have any authority or power in America whatsoever. Soros showed his true colors when he deployed his genocidal black magic in South Africa.

Mandela also had another Marxist offer his enduring support for him — Senator Joseph Biden threw his backing behind Mandela as Mandela and his ANC party were slaughtering the White people of South Africa in some of the most savage, vicious, and heinous crimes in all of history.

A South African author recently published his insights into Mandela at Jellyfish News: The Cabals Covert Plan to Purge South Africa Of White People.

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