Biden Team Manages to Offend Two Vital Voter Groups With the Same Florida Event

Published March 30, 2024

We’ve been noting how Joe Biden is in trouble with some groups he desperately needs to hold onto if he hopes to have any chance in the election. One of those groups is Hispanics. He’s also in big trouble in Florida because it’s become so much more red, and now even has a registration advantage for Republicans.

So the Biden team being the Biden team — somehow they managed to offend both of those groups in one event, something that our friends at Townhall also observed.

The Biden campaign had a Hispanic outreach event in the Miami area, and the Miami Herald‘s Fabiola Santiago wrote an op-ed about it that is just savage. She doesn’t hold back. She rips apart that the Biden team sent Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband, which she interprets as them not valuing the outreach effort there.

Sending the Second Gentleman, as charming as he is, means we aren’t an important state. He isn’t a top presidential campaign surrogate in the party like the Obamas and Clintons. He’s not a rising star relevant to Latinos like California Senator Alex Padilla, son of Mexican immigrants and climate change combatant, credited with passage of the POWER On Act to address disasters. Or like eloquent New York congressman Hakeem Jeffries, in line to be speaker of the House if Democrats regain the majority.

Democrats could have brought to town Biden’s education secretary, Miguel Cardona, a respected educator born in Connecticut of Puerto Rican parents. He could’ve eloquently taken on the diminishing value of a Florida education based on GOP political indoctrination, the way the state is alienating instead of embracing minorities, and the appointments of the governor’s cronies to important education posts.



RELATED: Florida Democrats spar with Hispanic columnist over Biden outreach event in Miami

Published March 30,  2024

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida took aim at Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago for her critique of the launch of a Hispanic outreach initiative for President Joe Biden‘s campaign.

Santiago wrote a column for the Miami Herald on Friday titled “Three gringos in Coral Gables launch Biden-Harris Latino campaign. (Sad trombone.)” which took aim at the Biden campaign using three white people — invoking the controversial term “gringo” in her column — to reach out to Hispanic and Latino voters for the November election.

In her column, Santiago belittles the Biden campaign for not using high-profile Hispanic allies of the president to announce the initiative and argues it showed Democrats are not as serious about flipping Florida as they are with other battleground states.

“It should be fertile ground for the opposition. Yet, the stars of the election, President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are in other Hispanic-populated states like Arizona. Also missing are the party’s top surrogates and sufficient party campaign funds,” Santiago wrote.



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Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff makes a call to voters to urge them to vote by mail alongside Chair of the Florida Democratic Party Nikki Fried, left, and Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine, right, at the opening of the Miami-Dade Democratic Hispanic Caucus Office in Coral Gables, Florida, on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. The visit also highlighted the launch of the campaign’s Latino outreach program in Florida.
Published March 30, 2024

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the one recently in the Miami Heraldof Florida Democratic Party chair Nikki Fried, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff and Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava — introducing the Biden campaign’s Hispanic outreach initiative — says it all.

Three gringos launching “Latinos con Biden-Harris” in posh Coral Gables.

Sad trombone.

Strategically, the optics made no sense in a county where the Republican Party effort to recruit voters is year-round and personal — and ex-president Donald Trump’s presence is a staple.

And we’re supposed to believe the Democratic Party hasn’t given up on Florida?

Thanks to Republicans, kids are losing their Medicaid, minorities their right to live in peace without fear of being arrested for taking an undocumented person to the hospital, and public education is in jeopardy.

It should be fertile ground for the opposition. Yet, the stars of the election, President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are in other Hispanic-populated states like Arizona. Also missing are the party’s top surrogates and sufficient party campaign funds.




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