America Last: Joe Biden Announces Additional $175 million Security Assistance to Ukraine

Published December 10, 2023

On Wednesday, the Biden regime recently announced additional U.S. security assistance for Ukraine.

This latest package, valued at $175 million, is aimed at supporting Ukraine in its ongoing defense against Russian aggression. The assistance includes a variety of military equipment and support, such as air defense munitions, artillery ammunition, and anti-armor missiles.

With limited resources available, the Biden regime has signaled that without further action from Congress, this could be one of the last security assistance packages provided to Ukraine.



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WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 21: Antiwar protesters demonstrate outside of the U.S. Capitol as President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is set to deliver an address before a joint meeting of Congress, on December 21, 2022 in Washington, DC. In his first known trip outside of Ukraine since Russia invaded, Zelensky met with U.S. President Joe Biden and is expected to outline Ukraine’s request for continued military aid. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Published December 8, 2023

As the war in Ukraine nears the two-year mark, about three-in-ten Americans (31%) say the United States is providing too much assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, while about half say that the U.S. is providing the right amount of support (29%) or not providing enough (18%).

A horizontal stacked bar chart showing that Americans are split over U.S. support for Ukraine.

The share of Americans who say the U.S. is giving too much support to Ukraine has grown steadily over the course of the war, especially among Republicans.

A new Pew Research Center survey, conducted Nov. 27 to Dec. 3, 2023, among 5,203 members of the Center’s nationally representative American Trends Panel, finds that:

  • 48% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the U.S. is giving too much aid to Ukraine. This share is up modestly from June, when 44% said this, and is substantially higher than it was at earlier stages in the war.


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President Joe Biden delivers remarks on funding for Ukraine from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, in Washington, Dec. 6, 2023.
Published December 7, 2023

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday blocked $110 billion in aid for Ukraine and Israel, as well as some security measures for the U.S. southern border to curb surging, unchecked migration from Mexico into the U.S.

The vote of 49-51 did not reach the 60-vote threshold needed to move ahead. Biden had asked Congress for almost $106 billion to fund the wars and border needs. The Democrats tried to move the legislation forward, but Republicans said they would not support it without big changes to border policy.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who supports Ukraine aid, told his party members to reject the aid package because it did not include policy changes, something lawmakers have fought over for years.

Earlier Wednesday, President Joe Biden implored Congress to approve more arms aid for Ukraine, saying that failing to pass the assistance would be the “greatest gift” the United States could hand Russian President Vladimir Putin in Putin’s nearly two-year war against the neighboring country.

At the same time, the U.S. Defense Department announced new security assistance for Ukraine that is the Biden administration’s 52nd allotment of equipment for Ukraine since August of 2021. It contains air defense capabilities, artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and other equipment.

The $175 million military aid package includes guided missiles for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, anti-armor systems, and high-speed anti-radiation missiles, according to the Pentagon and State Department.





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